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Monday, 29 July 2013

Do You Remember?

Two Recent Conflicts.

One cheek of two sides of the same ..... So I thought I would kick off this blog with a picture of the other one. I do wonder why, given how Bliar's friends end up, this one, featured facing execution, Bliar's erstwhile benefactors and million dollar sinecure payers aren't more nervous of their association with this grasping, greedy fraud.

We can argue our Tone epitomises modern politics, of course. Failure being no block to wealth and fortune. As Afghanistan continues towards a bloody retribution and a North Korean, albeit Islamic, hegemony, Iraq sinks deeper into horrific violence, Egypt the same, Syria dances to a Saudi tune and Libya bubbles away, beneath a likely further civil war, one cannot but marvel at how all this terrible mess was part orchestrated by our very own Tone.

Not that our man of Straw and the rest of Labours' ruling class of the day were not backwards in coming forwards, so to speak. Just one honourable man, in the Dr David Kelly mould, stood firm, for a brief time, before suffering a most convenient demise. Whatever the truth behind these fatalities, you must admit our Gaddafi lover seems very jinxed.

If we now move into the present day, one of Bliar's hero worshippers is The Boy Camoron. If you wanted a reason to distrust this latest impostor in Number 10, his affection for Teflon has to be a candidate. There are possibly many others but like his "Superhero", Dave rides the crest of modern deceit and lies, which pervades global Common Purpose as no other, better, human traits, it seems.

As these cretinous Obummers, EUSSR secret cabals of crooks and liars and our very own Government of all the talentless, creep off to their luxury hideaways, do spare a thought for the horror left in their wake. Twenty years of abject failure, death and destruction sure as hell won't be allowed to spoil their many weeks off at our expense. The minders will not care, either, as they get to tag along to the fish and chip bars of Torremolinos and Malaga's old fat smelling cafes and its seedy bars of the London gangster set. 

I digress. One element for touching on these matters is whether Saif al-Islam will get to tell a lot of what he knows. Could make Assange, Manning and Snowden's stories pale into nothing, I suspect. We might even learn how much Imelda Bliar and her chap profited from the torture and killing of Gaddafi's opponents. Who knows, maybe Bliar might face trial or even be forced to give the Libyan people their money back.

Of course, in reality, fixer Bliar will carry on as normal, Saif never get to tell his tales and all will be well in the court of Milton's Beelzebub. For now. Maybe Satan might tire of the competition, ere long! Whaddya say, Tone? Getting hot yet?

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