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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Climate And Meteorology.

Two Cheeks Of A Rubbish Quango.

This just did not happen.. The Met Office said it would be violent and widespread. At least their flawed computer model said and no way does the Met Office do mundane weather chart interpretation or analysis. Too busy dreaming up climate change scams to pursue the "con" the tax payers, Government and EUSSR agenda.

There were storms and may well be more. Yet this summer has every chance of seeing further high pressure dominate most of August and into September. Not good for the doom-sayers of decades of cool summers in The UK.Naturally we are expected to believe everything they say. You see cool summers are a result of melting Arctic sea ice. Of course hot summers are for the same reason.

There are careers, knighthoods and great wealth to be had calling black white, cold hot and ice boiling water . Then there are the billions of pounds of crap computers to be bought. No doubt from friends of friends. The bureaucratic gravy train of polite corruption is so very luxurious.

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  1. To be fair it is not the computers themselves which are crap, but the software running on them, but then this is probably being written to produce the results the Met Office wants to see!