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Wednesday, 3 July 2013


So Much Going On.

I'm significantly overwhelmed to take a single issues for today's post. The world of human affairs is certainly in a strange place. Islamic extremism seeks world dominance but is up against secular passion for individual freedom, such as we are witnessing not only in Egypt but also Turkey and elsewhere. Not only that but the EUSSR seemed to have an agenda for an Islamic influence to stifle democracy in Europe and The UK slavishly implementing the same, in these shores.

There is the Snowden, Assange, Wiki-leaks programme, hell bent and justifiably looking to "out" the spooks loss of control, as demanded by their, the spook brigades', political masters. The global government tactical implementations to seize control, with Islam as a smoke screen, are not going well. Arab uprisings to chase the once admirable but now discredited, American dream, are not matters conducive to the dictatorial control desired by the Bilderberger Common Purpose cliques. 

I suspect Snowden lured the Americans into hounding out of the sky, the Bolivian plane. No better than Ethiopian piracy! Only more embarrassing. What must Snowden have on the American led Common Purpose membership? So far its been Catherine wheels rather than nuclear weaponry! Whatever, I'm cheering the "little" guy against the big ones. After all "truth will out" has been somewhat dormant of late.

I watched an excellent film featuring the work of war and crisis photographer and commentator, McCullin . I was reminded of my youthful and persuaded belief that the Vietnam war was necessary to fight communism. As a serving airman at the time and very young, I was easily persuaded by the propaganda peddled by even our Government. In retrospect how naive and exploited we were. Jane Fonda and her fellow protesters were right to rail against it.

Yet as this visual history unfolded, I was saddened as to how awful we, as creatures, behave. Right this very moment we are killing, raping and torturing each other. That's just in the UK! Where are we going? Why do our powerful constantly allow greed and the worst aspects of human nature to triumph over the better?

I suspect the perceived complexity, or possibly manufactured duping, of Nations and their peoples, is such it tells so many lies as to be believed by those involved in power. Look at Vietnam today. After decades of conflict it now is more settled than ever in its history. The atrocities from all sides now faded memories. The scars visible but no longer so painful.

Then there was 9/11. The Hawks dreamt up that ridiculous phrase, "War on terror". Our lot "keeping our streets safe". Such ridiculous hyperbole and ignorance. The 9/11 reaction by America and The West, or at least its leaders, was so predictable as to concede defeat from day one. 

That atrocity was in essence an economic strike. We have never recovered and are likely not to do so in my lifetime. Indeed it's fair to suggest that greed, envy and covetous cruelty drives global human affairs. Such is the endemic brutality of those feelings, there seems little hope for a settled, calm future. 

At least unless globalisation is curbed. Small and beautiful Nations, free to choose their food outlets, life style requirements and social equilibrium are the only way to go. A Planet dominated by a global and corporate greed, made up of a soulless, nasty, criminal and political few is just repeating all of the mistakes documented in McCullin's work. 

His pictures and historical library ought to be taught from the age of ten throughout the world. Education based on truth, not enforced propaganda, might be the only hope. Of course, the awful truth that the left and socialism is every bit as unpleasant, or even worse, than any other dogma, doesn't do "real" education and learning. Pol Pot, Mao, Stalin, Gordon Brown, Tony Blair, are not welcome figures, when seeking to prove, through education, there can be a better world than one which seeks the vilification of excellence in Human Beings. Why I pose these arguments can be seen in this particular act, replicated by the Hutu and other pogroms

Just to offer some relief, here's a clip.

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