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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Blundering Burnham.

Deny, Deny, Then Lie And Lie.

Breakfast entertained this gross waste of white skin. He blatantly came before the cameras and lied with such pretend anger and claimed disgustingly it is all down to the last three years. Labours' decade of manipulation, propaganda and fear for their own fat salaries being curtailed by the two mad men they kept in Downing Street.

The lies, obfuscation and attempt too smear those who inherited this genocidal NHS legacy from the socialist machine, is nothing but despairingly grotesque and so predictable a response. Burnham and Labour presided over this smoke and mirror NHS totem pole of a failed dogma, because it suits their narrative to steal back undeserved power.

Note well this feigned blustering by Burnham, learnt from the backside licking he and the rest of that last excuse for a Government did with Bliar then Brown. The same despicable commune of lying and deceitful, power crazed morons taught by Alistair Campbell Kelly Killer. 

These cretinous traitors sought to make our very climate their own. Make the air we breathe, the fuel we burn, treats to be handed out to only those who agreed with their terrible goals for a World without freedom or a middle class intelligentsia. That their core voter base is full of trailer trash and an underclass littering our beaches, demanding hand outs and benefits and playing a system designed to destroy decency and wealth creation is appalling.

If you think I'm being hard, list genuine successes versus illegal wars and fixed dossiers, dirty hospitals and corrupt PFI building scams. Count the Labour dynasties circling the political stage. The Straw, Kinnock, Prescott, Dromey/Harridan Harman,  Miliband. The Testicles, Balls and Mrs Cooper-Balls. That spectre of Mandleson Boys From Brazil visitor. Them mix into this coven the Trade Union bullies and overpaid thickos. 

Is it any wonder this eclectic mix of nastiness gave us 13 years of hell? Dear God, we voted for a coalition and no overall control and despite the bunch we got, it still towers over the crooked deceit so readily displayed by Burnham's appearance this morning. 

As for the presenters' kid gloves treatment, so very BBC. If it's labour it's Nirvana, Utopia superb. Why wouldn't they say this? After all by towing the Labour line they were paid very handsomely. trouble that it's blood money matters not a jot to the Left. 

One final point. The Civil Service role in the state of our wrecked Nation should not be forgotten. With all the pressures of mass immigration, EUSSR socialism and hell on earth slums, their same backside licking to Bliar and Brown and Brussels/Berlin, as the political scum of Labours' own inbreds, it is a wonder anything ever works a all. That which is still good about The UK is despite of Whitehall and Westminster. We would be well served by their loss. That and their shame paraded before those interested in a better world. I am still reeling from Burnham's ghastliness albeit predictable.


  1. I have nothing to add, OR, but I felt I had to applaud you for this marvellous piece. Thank you for your insight and your telling it as it us. Labour don't care and never have.


    Have a look, then weep.