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Friday, 12 July 2013

As Always.

We Get Just A Glimpse.

This demise was more obviously the spooks at work with the despicable and nasty connivance of our Masters. Unlike suicide by blunt and rust pen knives and sugar pill overdose, we glimpse the self interest of those who reign with arrogant supremacy.

Still  Litvenko's lovely and noble widow fights courageously on for the little people. Unlike the empty streets in Bury yesterday, when a murdered soldier on our so very safely kept streets, as we are told by Camoron and his predecessors, was driven slowly by. Such was the quiet "Wooton Bassett" closure syndrome and the secrecy imposed on our casualty lists, together with the media obedience to Whitehall control, the cortège was never allowed to disturb the obese classes' day.

I've been a touch depressed these past couple of days by the constant barrage of evil selfishness we are seeing hurled at us by MPs, The BBC corruption and so on. Not depressed by the natural evil characters that run the show so badly but the lack of any deep anger. Look at this paedo infested BBC. Getting away with a history and culture of abusing children so successfully, why shouldn't they feel that outrageous till theft would be stopped?

Indeed, so ingrained is the culture of cronyism they welcomed that genocidal maniac to inform us of his great pride in manning the gas chambers of some of the modern NHS under his and Labours' stewardship and now abetted by the new lot. Don't even get me going on the billions enjoyed by the other cronies from Whitehall and Quangoland.  

Unlike you and me when these bills are presented they are quietly filed under necessary expenses in the cause of ripping the public purse a new backside for the Sir Humphrey predilections. So as bad as they all are, the most depressing issue for OR is the lack of any anger. Still this hot weather might bring out some blood boiling. With any luck we could see the fear on Billy Boy Turnbull's smug face, as we did a couple of years ago, nearly.

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  1. I think I feel the same way as you do about our leaders. I very rarely hear a news item about the govermance of this country that makes me feel happier as someone is doing a sensible thing for the good of the country and it's people. Usually the reverse. I wonder, if as I age I am more critical, or perhaps they really are awful!