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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Another Car Crash.

The Bad Old Days Might Just Return.

Or maybe they never went away. We have a Bliar clone in Number 10, milking the Andy Murray victory, feel good factor, exactly as his embryonic genes dictate. We have a Labour Leader even more under the thumb of a Scargill and just as ugly clone , in the form of McCluskey. The dinosaurs are now enjoying their time in the spotlight as shown by this cretinous waste of skin and all round lard arse. Again seeking the destruction of a barely recovered car industry, and guess which Union is behind this?

Hayes preached, on the BBC love in show, that is Breakfast, about the political classes and posh people. A guy on a salary as immense as his fat gut. A man, like all Trade Union bosses, as unattractive, vindictive and nasty as human beings can get. A parasite leeching of their members subscriptions to trough with their seemingly despised "posh" people. Imagine a circus horror show featuring McCluskey and Hayes side by side. Don't take the children there!

In reality these people are of limited intelligence but great cunning. Prescott one of their ilk. People who never get over the accident of their birth and their genetic lack of character, based on flawed and poor intelligence. This perceived injustice stays with them whether they win the lottery, gain power as Union Barons, or get their feet under the Labour Party table of apparatchiks. 

This preaching against hereditary privilege is only aimed at those more intelligent and successful than themselves. Their world of corrupt nepotism, highlighted by Guido, seeks not to promote their offspring's' brilliance in science or medicine, their potential greatness as captains of industry or banking, even the law. Nope, it's the gravy train and easy ride at our expense, journey for these people. The stock in trade, breathtaking hypocrisy.

Yet all of them, Union thugs included, lust after the very status more stylish, well bred and generally intelligent people have. Deep down, however, their gauche inadequacies and huge chips on both shoulders, never give them the contentment and the ease of social grace, the minority of class excellence few can ever lay claim to.

Add to their sense of inferiority their aggressive and bullying, bordering on criminal, behaviour and the recipe for disaster that is always the lot of every Labour Government, ever, the danger these ignorant Neanderthals present to the rest of us is made flesh. The "hard working families" they gush about are also those middle class and self reliant people they fear and despise, out of a covetous desire to destroy what they cannot achieve. A hairs breadth away from this if they did but know it.

Unfortunately those "posh" members of political representation do carry significant baggage of inbred failings of their own. So if we look for change, decency and betterment, where do we go? For me it has to be the professional, intelligent middle, aspirational classes. When all is said and done they become the essential and necessary building blocks for a contented society. Trouble is they are surgeons, entrepreneurs, engineers and other busy activities of huge importance. We should offer these people a Senate after they retire. Only these people should be given peerages. certainly not the very wreckers of our Nation.

When all is said and done those who can, do, those who can't become left wing and or Union agitators. Or weak and ineffectual, posh politicians. You know, like the Milibads, Kinnocks, Camorons et al! Inevitably we end up very badly off and ruled by these very same types, undemocratically, from Brussels!

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