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Monday, 22 July 2013

An Adieu.

To The Rotten BBC.

Well, at least goodbye to their political and current affairs woeful output. It feels so liberating. Mrs OR is overjoyed not to have to suffer my constant disgust at their bias, fraudulent nepotism and their ghastly Trust members like Fatty Pang Patten. Sure Sky's offering is not dissimilar, plus constant commercial breaks but those interrupt the banality at times and give a sort of narcissistic relief! If you do follow the Beeb, give it a go, switch off. It sure would give them a shock Especially the Lefties!

One of the main reasons for switching off the Paedo HQ broadcaster is its total lack of objectivity from its editorial sycophants. One story just broken, without the slightest nod to Bliar's and Camoron's warmongering failures, is from With impunity hundreds of Al Qaeda fighters have been released by their pals. Iraq is a maelstrom of factional strife soon to impact big time on the West.

I would suggest the retreat from Afghanistan, every bit as costly and humiliating as the USSR departure, will quickly be followed by a Taliban welcoming committee, to embrace newer and more heavily fortified Al Qaeda returning troops. Equipment and weapons abandoned, camps readily repaired and airfields available for resurrection, will see the years of waste and stupidity manifested in a surge in training and recruitment.

Add to that terrible possibility the likelihood we now entertain hundreds, if not thousands, of "terrorists" throughout the Globe and many happily ensconced and nurtured in Europe and The UK, all we have achieved by these wars and conflicts will be the exact opposite of that promised. If this is how our pygmies   in power "keep our streets safe" we will be better off under an Islamic Caliphate.

Is this our destiny? It certainly feels that way, as millions pour into Europe, all blessed with the fanaticism of Islamic domination over all others. One thing we can be sure of ,because it's already with us. The EUSSR offers greater succour to all and sundry before ever their own downtrodden citizens. It may not be completed in my lifetime but I cannot see any other future without an awful lot of bloodshed.

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  1. "Switch off. It sure would give them a shock Especially the Lefties"...
    Not sure it will OR, I switched off ages ago for the sake of my blood pressure, but still have to pay the illegal tax. Take a visit over to the excellent Biased BBC website and you'll see we're not alone.
    What a corrupt country we have become from the BBC, NHS, Government, Lords, public sector and I'm sure there's many more.