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Friday, 26 July 2013

A Double Whammy.

Slight Panic For The Left.

Shame no piano wire.

Unctuous and depraved. This cretin is now a preferred supplier of lies and propaganda to the EUSSR. Furthermore he is coining ever larger fortunes, as he chases Bliar down the socialist road of shafting the poor once you've conned them into voting for you. These sinecures are all about networking the self and the selfish.

Were people allowed access to the depravity, nastiness and child abuse history of these people, their, the high and mighty shirt lifters, lives would not be so comfortable. As it is this excuse for a human being kiddy fiddler gets away with possibly actual murder. Such is the reach of those of this ilk.

What joy if their agenda was to be derailed. If only our money was not to be used to pay for lies and propaganda in support of the decadent evil and corruption that is the EUSSR and Common Purpose. Sadly, even if we have a referendum, getting out would be difficult. We can but pray.

The same prayers might include the second of the double whammy these ghastly and awful people might suffer. A UK improving economy. Snotty and Balls went all out to ruin the UK with a scorched earth policy designed to ensure we all suffered and the incoming Government could never gain purchase on a recovery in five years. Now they did not expect a coalition. That's proven harder to lay a glove on despite the plea to the "Party" to always refer this Government as being Tory led.

Well, the electorate thwarted Labour then and if a modest recovery is engineered, as Labour used to do, it might well keep them out of power long enough to finish them off altogether. They and their Union bosses and EU gangsters.

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  1. Amen to that, OR. Bang on target, as ever - thank you.