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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Will He Tell Them?

Or Will They Tell Him?

The Rooney of politics or the new Fattty Pang?

Is this delightful or what? We aren't alone, as sceptics, big time! Our really, really, seriously self-centred, smug piece of self interested inoccuity, ugly and nasty Energy Denier Secretary can now jump on a flight to Peking Beijing. There he can demand that the Chinese take note of his utter superiority in all matters pertaining to "climate change".

He might firstly use his famous and electrifying insight from this recent holier than thou speech,

"Energy Secretary Ed Davey has gone on the offensive against climate "deniers", saying evidence of man-made climate change "screams out from decade upon decade of research".
Mr Davey said 200 years of science had laid the foundation for the "irrefutable" evidence that showed greenhouse gases warmed the atmosphere and human activity was significantly contributing to the warming of the planet.
Those "dogmatic and blinkered people" who denied that climate change was happening wanted to take a huge gamble with humanity's future, Mr Davey told a meeting at the Royal Society.
"When I am confronted by some of the most dogmatic and blinkered people who deny that climate change is happening, I am reminded of the sentiment of the famous USA Today cartoon: 'If we really are wrong about climate change, we will have created a better world for nothing'.
"In reality, those who deny climate change and demand a halt to emissions reduction and mitigation work want us to take a huge gamble with the future of every human being, our children and grandchildren and every other living species."
200 years ago science laid foundations, Davey? Another throw away, nonsensical and uninformed piece of utter political bollocks.

Of course the Chinese will immediately turn their backs on their own studies and research and go down the Davey diktat road. It's a no brainer for our Ed. The UK's energy needs must play second fiddle to his vision of a cold, hungry wasteland of purgatory inflicted and drudgery imposed living. Stationary wind turbines, draped with the momentary movement carnage of birds, deserted power stations, preserved as monuments to an age when common sense ruled and people were able to be warm and replete.

He can bestride the misery plagued landscape, littered with the dead and dying and boom out loud how at least we are saving the planet. What we are saving it for will be unnecessary to do. In the rare, underground oases of luxury and wealth he can retire to, there will be no shortage of anything. Including serfs, desperate to not be consigned to the outside world of Ed's dream creation.

The secret palaces and corridors of the mighty will be blessed with a gurning Tony Bliar, a waddling fat, smug Tim Yeo and a plethora of serendipity blessed hangars on and nepotistic legacy beneficiaries. The whirring generators of fossil fuel efficiency and joyous warmth or air conditioned delight will hum beneath their feet as they exchange anecdotes to their supremacy and intelligent use of blackmail. Their world will bask in the knowledge they pulled the biggest confidence trick scam possible.

Davey, through addled intoxication, will boast how he even duped the Chinese Government and prevented their outbreak of ancient and solid wisdom from becoming contagious. A contagion totally threatening the con before its largesse was secured. In reality, the West will be the new third world, stuck in a self induced, political trap of its own making.

The West, or as Davey would have us believe, his Utopia, will not have a candle to burn  in the darkness pervading every corner of Northern Europe. The bitter cold, Siberian winds, unchallenged by any hint of carbon enhanced summer, will blow mercilessly every day of the year and people will lose the ability to smile or express happiness or joy. 

This is Davey's ignorant and blind consequence of failing to question or balance the very real science we understand or have yet to learn, if ever. The scandals surrounding billions squandered on this exercise in political self interest, are legion. Not least the abject, stubborn refusal, as shown in Davey's lard engorged physical and mental presentation, to peruse the argument or accept there is debate to be had. Unlike the wise,  albeit also self interested, stance of the Chinese. 

His visit, were it to take place, to Beijing, would be quite Pythonesque! "How, Mr Lardy, do you explain the variances between real scientific understanding and the drivel you promote, for you own personal aggrandisement?", would be my first question, in Mandarin! No doubt the brilliant mind of our, yet another, ED, would soar to heights of intellectual prowess, incisive and superb, academically underscored, brilliance, of a mind we are blessed to have in such a Secretary of State. Or maybe not so blessed.

His response would be nudge, nudge, wink, wink, me, me, me. "I really believe the "science" of climate change is ours to control. My investments, along with my colleagues from all sides of the political consensus, now established in Europe, is that we, as rulers, are entitled to fabricate anything which increases our tax revenues, salaries and personal interests in becoming rich as Bliar Croesus. 

The Chinese will quietly nod at each other. A quiet understanding of how their global plans to feed their people and nurture their power, natural resources and energy needs are wonderfully enhanced by such remarkably dull and lacking characters from The EUSSR and a Nation now lost, which they once respected, even if loathed, and knew, had talent at the top of its socio-economic order. Not any more. Or ever again, after the socialist experimentation with education. 

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  1. Brilliant analysis!

    Just finally got round to reading Dellingpole's Watermelons.

    Apart from the invaluable job he does in exposing these idiots, it's also a tremendously entertaining read.

    But the bottom line, as Old Rightie points out, is that it's all a big fvcking con.

    And trying to point this fact out to my bretheren sheep is a futile task. They'll argue until the cows come home supporting their case with the lies they've been brainwashed with by the teleprompter.

    But will one of them even bother to read around the subject, pick up a book, do anything other than gorge on the silage that is fed to them by the MSM?

    Will they bollocks....