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Monday, 3 June 2013

What A Load Of Balls.

He Doesn't Have Any!

Or was it just one? I caught, rather sadly, this cretin of cretinous ilk, spouting today. I noted the utter and unashamed dementia relating to his part in the terrible economic mess we find ourselves.

Now I trust none of them, along with this nightmare EUSSR, to get anything right. This is a recent illustration of bureaucracy gone mad. Nevertheless, as Mrs OR often points out, with politicians, it's the ones who do less damage, she tends to favour. Which, if the last 13 year nightmare of chancers and maniacs, that made up the last Labour Government, is anything to go by, this ghastly Testicles for brains moron doesn't get our vote.

His "speech" of today, over which he stumbled several times, was incredible in its utter ignorance of why we have an economy still in tatters but at least with pieces retained and maybe, one day, repairable. He says in one breath that they will inherit a weak and poor legacy in 2015, then in the next says he cannot know what state the economy will be in at that time.

So cake stuffed in ghastly gob and to be eaten forthwith. His coy mention that he'll remove winter fuel allowance from the "wealthy" pensioners but not their bus passes, borders on half wit economics. Which his always were and still are.! As if they, the wealthy, would use public transport buses, anyway. As for the fuel payments, with his legacy of energy cost and EU emission demands, putting energy prices beyond nearly all his erstwhile voters, their £200 a year will not cover a week's worth of decent winter heating, soon.

He then went on to flesh out their election manifesto, completely oblivious to the now well understood electorate's view on all of those "promises" being works of fiction. 

My only fear is that as the sheer will, hard work and effort, of those working to better themselves, despite the drag anchor of an immigrant as well as home grown under- class drag anchor, will be effort that takes us back to a workable economy, only to watch yet another golden legacy squandered by Gordonomics, snot riven, Testicles compliant destruction again.

In a week of yet more greed and corruption exposure, the last thing we need is this has been, posturing fool  helping to fill BBC News gaps and efforts to hush up the Turkish anti-Islamic rioting, Syrian hand wringing and EUSSR jobless chasms. Shameless and totally unaware of the sore hatred he and his Labour Party troughers have inflicted on us. I can but hope their 2015 will be as terrible for them as were our 1997-2010 endless unpleasantness and stolen pension funds. 

As for those fuel payments, has he stopped to consider how many retired nurses, police officers and other ex public service employees, are being fiscally dragged into the 40% tax bracket? Fiscal drag being Snotty Brown's tax weapon of choice. One so successful it's still a major weapon of their successors. A plague on all their houses.


  1. Selected guest list for this week Bilderberg meeting in Watford:

    Ed Balls, Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer

  2. Yup, Common Purpose Rules, OK?