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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

The Fascination Of Deluded Power.

Always Corrupt.

Vendetta masks seem to be rattling those in power. Whilst waging secretive cyber war on us all, the idea that protesters might wish to be anonymous, too, is seemingly not welcome. This delusory behaviour by those ruling gangsters sure as hell live by the one law for them and another for the serfs.

That same self important, holier than thou attitude is also pervading the Turkish Erdogan elite and Hague's sudden confusing tail chasing of reality. At no time do any of them ever stop and glance around them.

Erdogan is trampling over his nations' majority will and desire for democracy. As indeed is Hague the vague with his "You've nothing to fear if you are squeaky clean" pronouncements. That didn't apply in Kenya many decades ago, why should it now? In fact Hague's addled memory doesn't reach back as far as Milibad senior's admission in 2008. Not very inspiring, Willy.

As for Erdogan in Turkey, he really believes his joint EUSSR courtship, alongside his Islamic, makes him fireproof. Not least, probably urged on by the apparent success of his neighbours' subjugation in Hellenic shores. He may also feel some comfort for similar put downs in Egypt. 

What none of them understand is their dictatorial and undemocratic autocracy is poised to be toppled throughout the world. I would not be surprised to see this unrest surface even in China. We may yet live to see a world changing order yet. A real and powerful democratic fervour whereby the majority take back control of their own lives and their children's' destinies.

As I often refer to it is said "hope springs eternal"!

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