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Saturday, 8 June 2013

Such Waste.

Year After Year.

This caught my eye and my ire. Taxation is an abomination only matched by the manner it is spent. When the likes of Balls and Milibad, let alone Cleggy and Camoron's, pontifications are broadcast almost hourly every day my mind dwells on the fact my income is taxed to pay them for their ignorant stupidity.

The blatant incompetence, debt mountains and civil service deep rooted belief that our money and work belongs to them, is sickening. Testicles, embezzler in chief of the last Labour led, 13 years of wanton waste, is one of the worst of these stealing, self righteous idiots. He is only surpassed by soon to be billionaire off the backs of the poor, downtrodden tax victims, Bliar and his once socialist, now trougher, Missus, Cherie.

Their tax affairs amongst many other aspects of their ill gotten gains, would make interesting reading. However, whichever way we look at all the spin and machinations, we are never far from the fact that tax revenues and those who feed of them are little more than self serving and unpleasant civil servants. As willing to take post theft sinecures as their political cronies.

After the wasteful and dreadful misuse of taxation income, on a colossal scale, those they protect quietly enfold them in their arms, after they are drawing their huge pensions from, yes, you guessed it, our taxes. What a cosy, shameful and shameless way its all done. Greed rules seemingly for any of them with a taste for other peoples' money. 

If only "they" were rewarded on results and quality of life, infrastructure and a successful Exchequer. Instead it seems the peerages and knighthoods are given out in inverse proportion to any competence deemed accomplished. A plague on all their houses.

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