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Thursday, 20 June 2013

Soulless Socialism

The Betrayal Of The British NHS.

The idea that human nature's propensity to nastiness is the preserve of one political, dogmatic, determination is, naturally, ridiculous. As is the demonisation of all NHS staff and employees. However we must look at the Labour Government and its Trades Union paymasters' secret pacts, to consider some are worse than others.

I warned some three years past that in power, Labour were more determined to rig society and its public services in their lust for total power. Mass immigration, dumbed down education and slavish idealism, at the expense of common sense decency, was all part of the hidden agenda to sweep away dissent and middle class, natural conservatism.

In the process of "fixing" this Orwellian dream, the installation of moronic incompetents, to seats of Quango Authorities, regardless of ability or competence, was determinedly extreme. Today, led by a Communist sympathiser plant,  we learn of the horrific consequences of this dogma driven legacy. You need little imagination to determine this harridan's political leanings and probable friendly association with Nicholson.

As for "six figure salary" Jill Finney, here we have the archetypal modern public servant drawn from anywhere but the profession she is guilty of raping in the name of "marketing". Give me strength. "Marketing" expertise is now a preferred clinical qualification for high salary appointment in Labour's modern NHS, it would seem. If this present Government can bring back deep rooted clinical expertise into our senior management oversight of professional standards, we might save many, many lives.

Give me strength to not hate, with venom, what Labour have done to every corner of our society, in the name of control and power, greed and diktat. Where they feared powerful dissent they just borrowed more and more money to buy off groups they were nervous about. GPs being one of many. Another such example is the manner Labour courted the Civil Service. Giving their infighting powermongering office politics free rein, in return for quiet obedience to the politicisation of Whitehall. 

For Heaven's sake, Bliar even used a bouncer, Campbell, to boss around the Secret Services. Ask Mrs David Kelly about his tactics. Which, of course, pales into insignificance, compared to the thousands sacrificed in the drive to politicise the NHS. Something so rotten, as a motive, as to be now seeping out of the open sore Labour turned its flagship service into. A general Election Poster in 2015 ought to show a drip fed patient on a filthy bed with the caption "Labour Kills".

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