Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Sojourn Over.

Very Pleasant It Was .

Unfortunately the wonderful dining room where we shared two superb meals, was marred by scruffs in shirtsleeves, jeans, tracksuit tops and so forth. An elegant, beautiful room was adorned with that casual air of selfish, uninspirational and uncaring slovenliness, which now dominates even the best of Hotels.

Our Gordo above looks positively immaculate compared to the many diners we shared what should have been carefully considered, garbed, clean and attractive, clothing. This modern day approach to public activity I find typifies a very sloppy, lazy, attention to appearance and personal hygiene.

So what, you might ask? Well, when we read of MRSA and other fatal viruses and germs infecting public places, dining rooms and what is inevitable, dirt infested hospital wards, then this careless approach to dress codes and standards, mirrored in lack of attention to physical cleanliness, bringing about the death of others, is the price we pay, if not our own infection and illness.

Now Gordon Mad As A Hatter above, could be saying, this is the future, tie-less presentation we can expect of future generations of great leaders, taking us to a less formal, jolly and infantile way of doing power and politics. So it came to pass at this week's good old, big boys and odd girls,  jamboree, in Northern Island. The ridiculous awkwardness paraded before the world was hilarious.

Our Boy striding down a footpath, hand outstretched like a headmaster at a boarding school attempting to put at ease new pupils but succeeding only in embarrassing them all. An ill fitting, shabby shirt, better hidden, with the attendant middle age spread, beneath a tailored jacket and stylish tie. 

Then a procession of gawky shuffling and fidgeting photo shoots. Nobody sure as to whether it was to be tie on or off, jacket likewise, with the added fastened or unbuttoned, dilemma. Then there were Rompuy and Barroso at either end of the powerful Obama and Putin, the latter pair elected and by comparison, legitimate figures. Without ties, The EUSSR pretenders to this meeting looked so out of place as to be like Pantomime villains, yet to be exposed as such, as they posed there book-end, hangers on act.

As for the political propaganda. This was very much to the fore. Camoron trying to bully the Bear with a metaphorical pea shooter over Syria, whilst Obummer was cold shouldered by the very same bear. Obummer, scared witless his promised land Of Europe, to be delivered to The Muslim Brotherhood, looking under threat by the justifiable intransigence of the British People and the utter failure of the reality of economic disaster. 

This EUSSR nightmare unfolding was to be propped up by a magical trade deal, lauded by this spin meister, in his own mind, Camoron, as super glue that will make us all rich. Rather than a cynical ploy, cooked up by that other scruff, Clarke, desperate to hang on to his vested interests, as a mouthpiece for European nastiness and greed. The veiled threat that if The UK quit this already decomposing Union, somehow our world would end, America would shun us and we would sink without trace. As we were expected to in 1940, as the American elite waited the outcome of The Battle Of Britain. Only the weapons are different today. Economic but still dangerous.

It is little wonder, with this ghastly show of pretend, casually attired, bonhomie, looking so unnatural, unstylish, inappropriate and childish in its execution, that everywhere is now seemingly a salutation to ordinariness and scruffy disinterest. I doubt these cretinous attitudes would be tolerated in the staff aboard Air Force One and all the other hugely expensive jets flying in to this waste of resources, jamboree. 

On those aircraft and throughout the hotel and dining rooms, staff will have been dressed and mannered to an inch of perfection. Their attention to detail and elegant, clean, smart effort to create a sense of privileged luxury to those self absorbed, paid by us, crumpled shirt wearers, was devalued. Camoron's enforced and manipulated, ill advised dress code was an insult to us and to the work required by the aforementioned staff.

Just as my dining "companions" disregard as to the image and carelessness they chose to display, was paraded. Lack of discipline breeds contempt for others and that is precisely why Camoron's orchestrated and ridiculous PR stunt of studied, down to earth, roll up our shirtsleeves nonsense was plain wrong. For me Prince Philip's smart attire as he left hospital was inspirational and impressive. Camoron's was infantile dressing down, which implied weakness and sloppiness. Albeit I guess, in that sense, it was to be expected. The display was hilarious, though, wasn't it?


  1. ***claps*** very well said. I agree totally and unreservedly. Trashy country, trashy people and definitely trashy leaders. Unfortuntely, I can't see any way back to our once held morals/standards/manners, children can't even use a knife and fork correctly. Very sad indeed, how I weep for my country.

  2. I watched a short clip of them walking along, line abreast, and as they mounted the platform the camera angle changed to get a full on view.

    It was at that moment I noticed something was missing. Then it occurred to me.

    "Where's the fucking firing squad !"

  3. What were the fat cat Barrosso and dessicated marionette Van Rompuy doing there anyway? They are not heads of government but merely appointed civil servants so who cares a damn what they think about anything at that level? Let them sit at the side of the room taking notes and well out of camera shot, as befits their manifest uselessness.

    As for the dress code, Cameron appears to be just a PR man to whom appearance is everything. In this case, the wrong appearance.