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Friday, 7 June 2013

Sickening, Literally!

Bilderbergers Are Bad For You.

As Watford enters the news this glorious week of sunny clime, the aspects of these powerful but ignorant individuals is felt deeply by the whole of the human race. Regardless of the secretive and smug back slapping fests,  that this crowd so enjoy, the consequences of their influence on life, per se, dating back to post war Europe, is horrific.

Firstly they represent all that is bad about nepotism and back scratching. In this world, that adage, of who rather, than what, you know, is very much to the fore. The brilliant Raedwald shows how endemically corrupt these shyster offspring, born with a red flag up their backsides, in particular, are all about.

Now my anger at the "system" is its decades of failure brought about by the ignorance that greed and privilege produces. Economic maelstrom, unjust and baffling incompetence and a host of illegal, torture driven, warmongering exercises, of futile military and espionage intervention. All in the name of democracy and freedom. In reality masking the money driven, power driven, grasping nastiness.

However this all pales into insignificance when put alongside the reality of their decades of uselessness. I refer to this. Now is this just the UK? Of course not. Once these asses decided to split the atom, off they charged to create ever bigger and more spectacular fireworks. Not only this, their hubristic idiocy led them to think this was the way to make the world safe! Just as they delude themselves war keeps our street safe.

It is my suggestion that nuclear weaponry and its subsequent frequent detonations has not only brought about earth tremors, quakes and tsunamis but so much irradiation, of the very core of our planet and its environs, as to be entering every creatures DNA and genetic material. I really consider this is behind so much pollution, death and destruction a la Chernobyl, as to signal our end.

When youngsters claim we "oldies" have had the best of post war lives, I have some sympathy for that argument. Nevertheless, every generation had its opportunities to rise up against the Bilderberger mentality that some are more special than others. Somewhere, somehow, we fell under a spell which comotosed most. 

Bought off by cheap alternatives to reality and dreams produced out of drug and shopoholic encouragements have all played a role in driving us to the brink, in 2020, of cancer ridden  populations steadily growing in huge numbers to eventual extinction. Well done the Bilderberger and Banking elite. 

The only crumb of comfort is their exposure is as likely to infect them as well as us poor foot soldiers to their donkey generalship. Radiation and cancer reaches well behind the front-line awfulness of many peoples' lives, blighted by those who would be Kings. I would point out, to very many people, that there are very few atheists in the trenches. I guess that's what we might discover on the ever growing number of cancer wards and in the expanding number hospices the political, gangster and bankster classes have brought us to.

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