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Saturday, 22 June 2013

Predictable, Boring But Still Scary.

Milibad The Muppet.

If you missed this utterly devastatingly, ugly piece of cretinous nastiness and his little speech from a small and rather privileged, nasty brain, you were most fortunate. A litany of good old, trades union written, communist inspired, grotesque, envy driven drivel.

Never do we get contrition. Empty, unmeant apologies, (albeit not from the top end of Testicles corporeal delusion), are all we get to hear of the days when this spawn of Brown participated in the most dreadful and ruinous effort to bankrupt this nation. The sacrifice of everyone in it, on the altar of Labours' power at any price, gerrymandering, mass immigration purchasing, vote rigging, and the whole panoply of endemic socialist corruption is now being regurgitated and offered up as special and somehow expected to be, credible.

The comments section here does give us a modicum of hope that this flag carrier of the old and anachronistic Labour ability to sell everybody, rich or poor, down the river, needs a good talking to. How is it that they create and maintain ever growing sink estates, underclass ghettoes, ever widening poverty, ill educated and unemployable hordes of benefit scroungers and still get taken seriously?

What a truly awful Country we've become. One ruled by unelected and crooked bureaucrats able to pull the frayed strings of our own so called political class. Though we despise them all, a special anger and cursing should be reserved for the Left and their decades of uselessness. 

Milibad had the gall to lay claim to a new Atlee era, easily skipping over the fact that his last time in power aided and abetted a proven mad man to so overwhelm the very existence of the NHS, he and his lot were forced to parachute in minders to hide the truth of its failings and virtual collapse. Let us not forget their placement and henchman is still in situ, the Shipman of NHS management culture, and champagne, nepotistic, communist.

I do rather hope that, come the next election, the tri-party, cosy bubble of wealthy political mates will be even more pointedly scoffed at than they were in the 2010 election. We have a chance, since Labours' dismal and destructive record is in safe hands as the perpetrators, Milbad and Testicles, still disgorge the same old platitudes and self important mantras, their breathtaking hypocrisy dictates. 

Do they really not realise their constant allusion to the rich and the wealthy includes their unproductive riches at the expense of you and I? Do they truly not understand the fear in people that the impending imposition of EUSSR rule, is almost complete? I suppose only a thunderous victory for UKIP could ever wake them to their own treacherous betrayal and impotence. That or bloody revolution.

To highlight how unimportant our Wallace really is to our future affairs, just read this terrible piece. It's every bit as scary as the likes of Milibad and the rests' compliance and neglect. In all honesty which is the most likeable, Red Ed, Pink Camoron or Embarrassed Orange Cleggy? On second thoughts, don't even think about it, none of them are worth one jot of your time.


  1. OR i can't bring meself to click on the link, nor will i put meself through the agony and mortal danger to me old ticker of actually reading the drivel Milipede has uttered.

    My computer is getting old but its got a little longer left in it and beating the crap out of it with a 12lb sledge which is the likely outcome if i put meself through such trial isn't going to help it last.

    I'll rely on your invaluable assessment of the twerps utterings, and buy you a virtual pint for the courage you display putting yourself through it, Chapeau!

    I'm getting a little worried to be honest, following UKIPs gains we had the usual experts summaries and rejections as prtest votes from the MSM, but have you noticed everythings gone deathly quiet on the UKIP front since.

    I wonder if the MSM has been to bed with its lovers the current cabal of traitors leading the LibLabCon and have decided to only report on UKIP when there's an item to beat them with.

    In our land of celebrity wannabes and unemployable sloth there are enough bribeable brainwashed fools who could be bribed and cajoled to vote for these champagne socialist fifth columnists, promises of handouts and permanent further education (save 'em getting a job poor loves) all to paid for with more if the present regime hasn't borrowed enough already.

    The horrifying truth is that the Milipede clone could actually be PM in two years, and the results of that disaster would make it almost impossible for our country to recover in our childrens lifetimes, apart from which the now almost unrecognisable country we were born into would change irrecoverably into something of nightmares.

    Prayer might help for those who belive, i see little prospect for us other than a miracle to stem the ebbing flow of the country as it gradually slides around the U bend to hell.



  2. Cheers and thanks, Judd. May people power win the day!

  3. I have never been a member of any political party, but I am seriously contemplating sending off my £15 and joining UKIP.

    Labour bankrupted this country and if they get the chance they will do it again.

    I had great hopes that when the coalition came nto being that each party would filter out the worst excesses of the other. I was wrong. Clegg is a joke just making sure his highly paid next job at the Fourth Reich is kept safe. And as for Cable - well, he's certainly succeeded in keeping a low profile. You'd hardly believe it's the same job that Mandelson held would you?

    There's a certain element out there that says only cretins vote. Well, my view is that if you don't vote then you accept anything you get and have no right to complain which is why I advocate compulsory voting with a 'No suitable candidate' box on the ballot paper.

    At least that way a majority of abstentions might actually hit home to this prats.

    (Incidentally, the F.U. blog in your blogroll is no more. I was running it but it failed to take off so regrettably I canned it. Sorry.)

  4. Dioclese, F.U sadly missed and my housekeeping awful.