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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Or Let's Not.

How Wrong Did That Go?

This headline led the Daily Mail, June 3, 1953,   "Let Us Cherish Our Own Way of Life", on the day of The Queen's Coronation. Thereafter we did everything, or at least the Establishment did, to go in the opposite direction.

Our crumbling empire, Socialist predatory dogma and the ignorant, self serving cretins in power, set us off on a path to the nightmare destination of today. Overcrowding, multi-cultural, racial and tribal, imported, hatreds,  terrorist butchery on our unsafe streets and an Islamic minority influence dominating the majority will.

Then we have the creeping occupation of a German dominated EUSSR and its occupation by stealth. One which failed to subdue Europe and The UK, militarily, stealthily diverted its obsessive need for power, through economic warfare and corporate howitzer greed. None of this follows the exhortation to "cherish" our way of life. What we have now is an ever more ungovernable and fractured society. 

Those who believe the riots of 2011 are done and dusted are living in that deluded fantasy world of political hubris, so beloved of the London and establishment  chatterrati classes. Those for whom the option of cherishing the thousand years of evolvement, that had brought us a life and society worthy of being cherished,  are now vilified. "Little Englanders" is spat out by those who would have us nothing more than eunuchs to a, BBC beloved, EUSSR culture of enslavement.

Fairness, decency, the nurturing of all that's good and draconian punishment for transgressors, such as the paedophile coterie in high places, not least The BBC itself,  are all turned upside down. Priority to "human rights" rides rough shod over the majority tenet of democratic influence. Responsibility for one's own actions is now a "someone else did it!", or made me, or somehow robbed me of my self interested and obsessive entitlement endowment attitudes.

Just note this ghastly little tart's notoriety splashed everywhere. Not one jot of concern for the imagery of casual, life threatening sex, drugs and sleazy living. Within months her fall from the gutter into the sewers below, will be heralded as a tragic, poor little girl from the sink estates, fall from a grace she/they never had. 
Not once will we debate the fabulous opportunities she will have squandered in an excess of self abuse and moronic pursuit of all for nothing hedonism. 

Whilst she and her now forgotten Amy Winehouse sisterhood of bimbos' vague, vocal talents, show the way to go for millions of youngsters and the celebrity culture of selling anything cheaply and without thought, dominates our headlines, whilst those quietly going in other directions are forgotten and uncared for. 

The apprentices, medical students, would be nurses and a host of other "normal" young people, are forced to work hard whilst watching this parade of misfits flaunt unearned riches for a brief Roman candle flame of shameless notoriety, that lasts no longer than their odd and rare consideration of others but themselves. Hardly the kind of stuff any sane society would seek to cherish, is it?

Where did it all start to go wrong? That's quite easy to document. Read and weep, as the babies once "cherished" were thrown out with the bath water. Social mobility, grammar schools, individuality, capital punishment for heinous crime, were all sacrificed in a handover to Trade Union power and bullying. We have never recovered, bar briefly in the late 1980s. 

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