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Monday, 10 June 2013

No Matter What.....

Truth Will, Eventually, Out.

A modern day hero.

No matter how much "they" play their obsessive games to control and rule, purporting to be for our safety, when in reality, Governments are all about narcissistic control freakery. I blog as a vent to my ire and frustration at how utterly stupid politicians and the establishment are. 

I don't feel too vulnerable if my efforts are monitored and my presence on the internet noted. To some extent I hope it is. I hope my blog is seen by the odd would be powerful spoiler of my life. I would even feel a small degree of satisfaction if I'm regarded as an irritant or even enemy of a State all powerful, for now. That's why I blog. To have a tiny say in how the criminal manner society is now controlled, by a grasping army of sycophantic snoopers and traitors to the inherent decency of most people.

Bear in mind if 10% of our population are sh*ts, that's still circa 7 to 8 million nasty souls polluting these lands. However, I'm not free to say many things I once could. My resentment at mass immigration or a rant as to the alien cultures now sweeping these shores, or even criticism of the EUSSR, are all forbidden by law!

So I defer to the courage and bravery of those who stick their necks out. Three in particular, spring to mind. Four if we count Manning. The others are Assange, Farage and Edward Snowden. Naturally these chaps will and are subject to vilification by a leftie psyche, so easily stirred by the shadowy puppeteers in power. We should remember there are "sleepers" in our blog world. Pretenders to support of resistance but really part of the nastiness employed to control us all.

So, we have to be a little nervous of what we say or post. Nevertheless, we can still try to influence each other to struggle, because that's human nature. We have to compete to survive. That includes surviving the all powerful desire to police our very minds. Good luck on that front, you morons. 

As for Hague and his arrogant, albeit plaintiff, cries of "we don't spy on you all",  what else is GCHQ for? A home for paranoia, staffed by an army implanted with the robotic obsession to know all about everyone of us. What they don't seem to realise, the task is beyond them. Unless their realisation as to the sheer scale of their pathetic spying leads them to spawn the odd decent whistle blower such as Snowden. Not the first and most likely not the last fed up with the banality of those who seek power and control. People knowing the cost of so much and the value of nothing. My old mate, Max has this piccy below.


  1. Really good stuff, this. Let the play commence.

  2. This gentleman is a hero and a Patriot. The spooks may call him a traitor, but it's really they who are traitorous for violating the American Constitution.