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Thursday, 6 June 2013

More Pathetic Same, Same.

Did You Have Doubts?

Worthy of a caption competition!

If anyone has ever doubted the morphing of the three main UK Parties into one our Wallace, with his comic, Gromit's owner's features, really nailed it today. His "speech", electioneering, really, was almost as identical to recent Cobbleition speeches and policy.

Of course, our Ed, Snotty Brown-noser par excellence, economy wrecker and all round self seeking ass, has noted UKIP's popularity. This coupled with the manner benefit fraud and cheating clamp downs have been  received, by core Labour voters in work as well as many others, earning less than Ed's gerrymandered idlers  on welfare hand outs.

Is it therefore somewhat hilarious to observe our ED being dragged along by his shoe laces, caught up in the wheels of the Cobbleition policy bandwagon, receiving a modicum of applause from most of the electorate as it trundles along. 

Not at all dissimilar to the sudden rash of mealy mouthed apologies for the mass immigration which is so deeply ingrained in all of the problems we face in servicing millions of immigrants clogging schools, hospitals and prison cells. many illiterate and unable to speak fluently the native tongue.

I did think Nasaled Milibad would be a shoe in after this Cobbleition of toy boys Cleggy and Camoron but maybe not so. A dream ticket for this Oldrightie would be a coalition of like minded David Davies and Nige Farage. Stranger things happen! Enjoy this lovely sunshine.

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  1. I somehow think that unfortunately a coalition ticket of David Davies and Nigel Farage wouldn't be allowed to last very long by the "people" really running the circus but the exasperated look on the face of Barroso would be an albeit brief joy.