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Friday, 21 June 2013

It never rains But It Pours.

The New Met Office Mantra.

My old Met lecturer, back in 1969, used to talk of, in a broad Yorkshire twang, of "anticyclonic "gloom". Not for he agonising over man made global disaster or what is now "climate change". The physics of climate were and remain a given. So "gloooooom" was confined to overcast, humid air trapped under inversions and the desire to educate, based on known and learned conveying of knowledge

Now a whole crowd of people, mostly political jokers and short of rich careers and bonuses, civil servants, decided that they needed to rewrite the laws of physics. In cahoots with big business seekers after new ways to scam the masses, there has arisen a whole, counterfeit industry around weather and climate. Billions have been squandered on studies, research and bare faced manipulation, to state the bleeding obvious, as the link at the beginning of this post discusses and provides irrefutable evidence for.

Climate, heavily prededicated by the Earth's movement in space, around the Sun, together with the annual movement of the vertical angle of axis. Thus "climate change", it may be argued, is a 24 hour event. Night is cooler than day, shock horror! So the daily lecturing and sermonising designed to make us all feel guilty for being alive, is the "gloooooom" of choice for present day, wannabe rich, Met Office morons. 

So they all met in Exeter. I suspect it was the usual jamboree, beloved of corporate event organisers. Designer water, commercial lobbying, expense claims on posh paper and an air of special importance attached to this perceived new glamorous industry of  self perpetuating fibs and delusion. Watts is a favourite and my personal climate refuge, both offer more science in one sentence than the hugely expensive and immoral outpourings of self interest shown in Exeter.

Thank goodness for the internet, so we no longer have to take these so called experts at face value. Even when they pump more of our taxes and their hot air into the scam, than reality justifies. We may, all of us, however look at the Atlantic Azores high pressure chart right now and have much hope that, as is often the case, this announcement of a ten year long spell of doom laden summers is not going to be including this year, probably. A probability enhanced by not only the optimistic climate conditions evident but that the clowns in the Met Office have such muddled models and poor real judgement as to us being able to expect the exact opposite of their very expensive prognoses. 

How often, do we ask, "why don't they look out of the window" when they are blatantly wrong? Yesterday, in my neck of the woods, I would have cried in despair, as their local forecast of damaging storms hit Mrs Or's beautiful garden. As it was, they were a good 50 miles out and hours short of what happened. Too busy, as ever, trying to force actuality to fit their flawed models.

So, get ready for a further bout of summer sunshine next Monday, onwards, as the Azores high decides to bless us with what is regarded by these "experts" as "wet and cold". Let us continue to be highly sceptical and suspicious of a group whose sales pitch of anthropomorphic global  warming has been roundly and justifiably ridiculed. Sad all the billions spent are not recoverable, though. I am not alone in my anger by a long shot.

Here is a taster of this gloomy Summers future montage, all being well!!

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