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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Is It Death By A Thousand Cuts?

Or Rebirth Of "Savings" By Common Sense?

Firstly sorry i missed a post yesterday. Today I'm minded to spew forth on this BBC bigged up announcement of "cuts" for 2015-16. The picture and link back to 2011 discusses more eloquently and informatively than I am able.

However I did enjoy the publication of Little Loser Liam's note. The kind of nastiness so prevalent in socialist dogma, not least this example, was not only signed off by Byrne but was a scorched earth policy by Brown to ruin any chance of economic success by an incoming Tory Government. That the electorate brought about a coalition was never considered.

Now I'm no lover of Camoron and Cleggy but have a slight leaning towards a coalition being better than a dominant majority Government. Furthermore who could do worse than Labour and Snotty, over 13 years of self interest ,power warmongering? Since the ability to continue the Labour profligacy had been made impossible, it may well be that Labour inadvertently signed themselves into the wilderness. How ironically delicious that would be.

Now to Osborne's statement today. Labour and the BBC, with their "cuts" not "savings" mantra, are trying desperately to garner some kind of credibility, whilst those of us interested in what the future may hold, are to be wiping Brown's legacy of our shoes. That this dog fouling legacy of debt is taking some shifting, the stench of our public finances lingers on, put there by Labour.

At least, to extend the metaphor, this coalition is trying to offer tissues and odour spray. Without the drag anchor of the Civil Service idiots, those offerings might be more obvious and beneficial. Since Labours' legacy was always expected to condemn our great grand children to austerity, I fail to understand why anybody, particularly the profligate Testicles crowd ever thought it could be wiped out in five years.

A further irony is nobody in Government is really serious abut solutions. If they were, there would be a passionate push to modify the global corporatism and banking scams, allied to that terrible burden on us all, The EUSSR. Where we offer in house legislation, much of this work is duplication of Brussels red tape and doubly expensive. This combined force of interested, incredibly rich, self interest is a great dam to any progress of a reasonable nature.

Multi billionaires holding 80% or so of the planets wealth and resources is a scandal which can only be addressed by a sea change in the philosophy of socialism.  One prepared to accept any means as long as a stupid emblem of "equality" is displayed. Yet has conspired, (Bliar a perfect witness) to underwrite the subjugation of steady as you go conservative Conservative values. 

The poor, sadly will always be with us. All we need is to reduce the greed of some, improve the success of others and make life generally fairer. Government is so steeped in its own navel gazing and/or despotic corruption, progress is stifled. As so often said, big government is epic failure. As I said, time for a new, genuine conservative socialism!

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