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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Grab Your Partners For A Dosey Doe.

Or Is That A G8 Jamboree?

So Camoron continues the dance, beloved of our politicians, taking partners and holding big, luxurious fests.  All   to massage their deluded egos of grandiose power. Now Vlad I can accept. A huge nation with many millions available to mobilise against outside threats, wealth and energy abundant. Truly super power credentials, similar to China. or India, for that matter.

However, little old, bankrupt Britain, having to borrow millions we can't afford, to hold this love in barn dance of clowns, particularly those from Europe, is beyond me. The Boy agonises over which partner to dosey doe with. Obummer, fraud par excellence, or Vlad with his less than enthusiastic demeanour. 

Whichever Dave decides to favour, will either really care? Syria, like Iraq, is a basket case of Islamic feuding and feudal stupidity. Let them sort it out and see what happens. Once sides are taken, its a long way back if you back the losing one.

Still, children at play seldom follow any sensible adherence to what has gone before. So we'll continue posturing and borrowing to pay for yet more horrendous miscalculations. More mayhem and future wealth mortgaged to feed the vanity of a ruling class still living in an Empirical time warp.

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