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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

G8 And Syria.

Camouflage Through Distraction.

Just when you thought Gordoom and Darling's foul ups were forgotten, BINGO! It is impossible to even begin to grasp how ghastly and incompetent these clowns were. Now their precious Trade Union backed and invested pet safe deposit box has been discovered empty.

Not only that, Labour owes them millions. Wait a minute, no problem. We'll let the little people, daft enough to believe in a "co-operative" principle, long ago hijacked to fund Labour, can forego a minimum of 30% of their savings in bonds. So the Cypriot, EUSSR theft gets another trial run. One does have to ask how much longer before this daylight robbery explodes, in Continent wide unrest.

It also appears that Syria is to be the fig leaf of choice to cover up this scandal. In an ideal world those with a justifiable loathing of socialism should go for their poncy front men of the Labour Party deceit. Of course, in the cosy world of self interest, The Cobbleition, out of fear of reprisals against their shady dealing, will close ranks to protect their own slimy third party wing of the Westminster cabals.

As for that imbecilic Yorkshire drawl of Baseball Cap, Hague, give me strength. His approach to Syria is atrocious and Establishment led smokescreen pathos. If only the basic truth of we "can't afford" ANY intervention, let alone G8 luxury playtime, was to be pursued, the answers would flow thick and fast over many other problems in need of funding. 

That same element applies to our club EUSSR membership. Get out of world political posturing and lead your own Nation into manageable, small, successful backwaters of calm and independence. These ridiculous attitudes to regarding The UK as a world power are so old fashioned. Only those in Government, with secretive and selfish agendas have any stake in this pathetic mismanagement of our debt ridden behaviour of profligacy.

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  1. What have Mickey, Donald and Goofy done to deserve this comparison?