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Monday, 17 June 2013

Funny How This Is Often Behind The Corrupt.

This Ghastly Blue, Instead Of Red, Rag.

When the UK MP expenses scandal erupted some of them claimed that on entering Parliament they were mentored in how to play and bend the system for personal gain. I rather suspect the EUSSR does the same when new States are signed up. I guess the"goodies" are revealed together with the rewards for "toeing" the line.

The Czech PM seems to have had a good run for his money but I doubt his "friends" in Brussels will wish to be seen supporting the very behaviour they may well have taught directly or by example.  Whichever way you care to look at this EU club of unsavoury characters, or smell its existence, you will be met with an unpleasant stench of croneyism and nepotism. Look no further than the Kinnocks  if you feel I'm being harsh!

Indeed the stench from those windbags and small town nasties is pretty ripe. Then this is par for the course for the lefty tendency, we see it all the time, do we not Mr Bliar? For our Tone, the Kinnocks £10 million is small change.

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