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Saturday, 15 June 2013

EUSSR and Its Predecessor.

How Similar They Are.

The EU has still to have a set of accounts signed off. I suspect when they are examined, missing billions will be found to have been spirited away and embezzled in a similar manner to that last failed federation, The USSR. Like the EUSSR, that Russian effort was led by a socialist mindset, quickly replaced by thieving oligarchs who fled as it collapsed. No doubt Rompuy and his cohorts such as Barroso are planning similar careers when it implodes.

This unimaginable failure can be read loud and clear in this statistical horror. I watched briefly Frau Merkin, what a cover up talent she possesses, let alone abject delusion. Her solution to the crisis of unemployment is to move in search of work!

Excuse me, you thick, stupid Commissar and all round idiot, this is a euro zone wide problem. What will mass migration, already a source of unwanted labour from the rest of the world, do? I suppose it might help the travel industry but certainly nobody else. Homeless vagrants far from family, friends, culture and language, is hardly a recipe to increase unemployment.

The harsh reality behind these dreadful statistics is the utter pathetic idiocy of the whole EUSSR ethos and its common currency disaster. We are seeing either the break up of the euro zone and subsequent dismantling of the whole EU edifice to corruption and greed, or further draconian crack downs to rival and surpass those of Frau Merkel's ancestors. 

Whatever the future holds, with the stubbornness and delusional, ridiculous strutting, beloved of our erstwhile leaders and the withering abnormality of their thinking, as demonstrated in this interview by Merkel, it sure as hell will get worse before it gets better. Dave and the rest of the whole cabal of European morons will need to get used to more of that we are virtually every day, now. Watch the brutality throughout this clip. It is in the name of Camoron, Milibad and the rest of The EU political gangs and its sick.

That EU joke of a flag, above, is in exactly the state of that is represents, in lots of ways. Ragged, torn, dirty and flapping in the wind. See what I mean? It flies as a signal to us all of what the EU has now become. Time to end this sorry saga and consign this emblem, to political hubris and natural failure, to the history books. 19.4 million jobless people should feel the same about why they are out of work.

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