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Saturday, 1 June 2013

Broken And Unfixable.

Democracy And Security.

The glee shown by the paedophile organisation that is the BBC, over the justifiable snaring of this crass idiot , is all well and good. Sadly it's a rare exposure which serves as a distraction from their and the Barclay's real failure to alter the dreadful political, corporate and gangster forces now conjoined against the majority of the world's populations.

Mercer had a brief role as a "homeland" security adviser. A man willy nilly offering fake passes to (I wish) would be Guy Fawkes. Unfortunately this revelation comes on a day when Bush makes a statement which most intelligent people, which excludes Bliar, have always realised, from history. This corrosiveness begins when just the possibility of becoming famous enters the minds of the dim, who seek political careers for their ease of celebrity. 

The modern curse of a celebrity culture, one which takes priority over decent and difficult learning, education and hard work. This is often a concious decision, to seek political notoriety,  for financial as well as famous gain. It must therefore follow that, like Bliar and his ilk, any cause justifies the means, as arrogance lies well curled in those beds of egotistical greed. 

Unfortunately these dreadful people have brought economic ruin, moral bankruptcy, death and destruction to millions and millions of people. Where once The West held sway over a modicum of decency and good governance, they now head the despotic and the damned, who preside over a world of human activity endlessly going to hell in a handcart.

No shame any more. Paedophilia and child abuse at the highest level of government and the wealthy set of the establishment is hidden and traded. Mandleson, no doubt, still a frequent traveller to the streets and luxury suites of Rio. He's but one of many. The wringing of hands over internet material peddling these sick attitudes to the young, the innocent and the vulnerable, flourish because of their upmarket backing.

By the same token we import mass immigrant Islamic attitudes to child abuse and exploitation. Barely a day passes without news of these abusive atrocities, let alone the harrowing but still prevalent, grooming and racial exploitation of young white children.

I may seem to be straying a long way from the Mercer story but that is of nothing when compared to the paucity of decency in the corridors of undeserved power. Our Western culture is fast descending into "Caligulian" horror, whereby the nastiness, required to fulfil recreational self obsessions, gets ever more demanding in its depravity. 

Yet we hear little of any assuaging comment or action from the wimps in Parliament. Scared of The EUSSR unelected commissioners, frit the bankers and their legal firms might bypass their names to head their stationary with. Frit Sir Humphrey has something over them. On it goes with its evidence of decay and weakness. A world of power, bent and twisted at every turn. 

It's past time for change unless the little people find their backbone storage facility and put their spines back in place. The PTB have no longer anywhere to put a backbone, even if they could buy them back.

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