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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Big Government, Big Failure.

Not A Ciggy Paper between Them.

This awful explanation goes some way to explain why we remain in the economic, unadventurous, same old mess I've known all my life, this Country to be in. As the picture above illustrates, the cosy relationship of our politicians is one so detrimental to the well being of our lives, society and Nation.

Of all the things done by successive governments, the mistakes have always been left to fester and rot the core of what might have been so good. Mass immigration, comprehensive education and the whole panoply of meddling and interfering government, has ruined ambition and innovation. 

Entrepreneurial success and big business became the envy of Senior Civil Servants to the extent they sought to control and manipulate political ideology for their own ends. Huge and unwieldy departments were to be created and millions spent on creating an illusion of private enterprise success, through bonuses and management styles, mirroring that which was so coveted.

Unfortunately this game of childish pretence spawned unnecessary growth in departments to give those at the top a sense of power and privilege unearned and unwanted by the Nation. Politicians then were duped into believing that this was how it should be and in Labours' case, to be actively encouraged, as long as it was understood that a tendency to vote Labour, as a thank you, was understood. That and their drive to put their own placements in Office such as that ghastly killer, should lose his Knighthood Nicholson.

So, as Mr John Redwood points out, attempts to curb the size and drain on resources of this massive and unaffordable State was doomed from the start. Redundancy costs, new requirements to oversee "savings", or as is the preferred Labour/BBC word, cuts, was always likely to fail in the obstinate face of Whitehall resistance. 

Add to this obstructing force of Mandarin self interest, the lack of leadership and common sense, together with the utter banality of Camoron and Milibad, let alone Testicles, what hope is there? Their chasing of their own tails, with the word ambition tattooed along their protuberances, plus the slavish, forelock tugging obedience to the EUSSR, tells us our mired in a quicksand of decline is not likely to improve.

What is a dreadful situation and economic basket case scenario, caused by every Labour Government, post 1946, compounded by Tory failure, other than a brief respite under Maggie. We do seem to be condemned to a very poor future. 

All I can gain some succour from is that the sheeples who have and continue to perpetuate this position, by supporting the triplets who dominate Westminster, have only themselves to blame. For all the self righteous navel gazing of the Left, give me one example, of poverty reduced, by decades of their Buggin's turns in Office. 

A walk down the slum and Mumbai style streets of any major city in The UK and tell me this is as it should be. Show me round the sink estates, swollen and magnified throughout my lifetime and tell me who in Government, over six decades has made any positive difference to our poor and deprived disadvantaged? Again, just one lonely and sadly, reviled by the hate filled nastiness of the pathetic Left, figure, can lay claim to have benefited everyone prepared to have a go at self reliance. Sad, isn't it?

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