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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Banks And Life.

Money And Promises.

UK's Brave (not) New World.

A meeting of  Mafioso families might well be an apt way of describing this "united" response to the expected report on banking fraud practices of the last couple of decades. I grow weary of trying to ascertain where these ghastly monsters ever came from. I'm led to believe that my taxes were used to save these people from ruin and collapse. It would be nice to receive compensation for the LIBOR fiddles.

I was told that they, banks, were too big to fail, the damage would be horrendous. Excuse me, how come? Since the banks are still, near as makes no difference, every bit as corrupt, self centred and thieving as ever, together with remaining insolvent, if they had a run on their promises to pay the bearers of deposits, what would this alleged failure have meant?

I suppose it really meant that the wealthy Tony Blair like individuals, including 90% of  both Houses of Parliament, plus their friends of shadowy background, oligarch connections, would have suffered Cypriot style hair cuts. Smaller customer holdings, most of us, would have been the recipients of tax funded rescue via Government backed protection, using our tax revenues for the collective benefit of those funding it all.

So is it fair to say that the current malaise, unimproved by the scandals and cosy rescues of large but useless banks, was a deliberate act of favouritism by Government on behalf of their cronies? There does seem to be evidence of this. 

Furthermore, when we discover the depths to which Snotty Picker Gordo and his henchmen, Milibad and Testicles, colluded in all this, one can only wonder why more is not made of it by the present lot. Probably because they attend similar soirées and desire the same ability to manipulate or beg favours. Sort of like the recent bashes in Watford and the Belfast G8 bash costing us more millions of borrowed spondoolah.

Both events explicitly not for the likes of the rest of us. We are only required to pay for it all and suffer their incompetence. Failings which are lasting years and for which there is not one whiff of culpability, or apology for getting it all so terribly wrong. Do I have any answers? Well how about a dose of common sense? We can't afford Trident renewal, The EUSSR membership fees or the Afghan endless and bottomless commitment, that all bleed us dry.

Our infrastructure cannot cope or afford more immigration on a mass scale, the costly effort to police Islamic ambition or the nonsensical European Court meddling. We cannot afford never ending IOUs to all and sundry via bank support for the benefit of crooks and speculators. We cannot afford Utilities playing fast and loose with our water supplies, energy and even the air we breathe.

We can afford to recover our underground, natural gas reserves. I note the coal mining industry never suffered the vilification, orchestrated against fracking, by the green eyed monster brigades. Aided and abetted by a global wide shorting of oil markets. Reduce the burden of taxation and petty regulations for employers, beloved of Labour and the Left. Well, other than their Banking mates. In a nutshell, dump our besotted relationship with globalisation hypocrisy. 

Become a real Nation again. Including concentrating our charitable aid on and in our own these shores. If we ever became a truly wealthy and debt free Country once more, then is the time to pay interest on loans taken purely to subsidise the executive jet manufacturers and marinas. Is it so bloody difficult, really?

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  1. The best way to bring down the banks is to stop using them.

    Not easy you may say - and yes you are right but there is now a sliver of hope.

    Bitcoin the digital currency for example is completely beyond the control of banks and governments - untraceable - untaxable - the money supply can also not be changed - it is fixed by the network.

    It's also a deflationary currency as there are only set number of units (21 million - they are subdivided into 100 million units each) that will ever be "mined".

    You can transfer it across borders so no capital flight restrictions, it can not be seized.

    If you wanted to open a web business and take payment you can instantly without having to go to the bank to get your merchant status and all the charges that go with it.

    No need to keep it in the bank as you will not need interest as the money supply is not being expanded continuously. You no longer need the security of a bank vault.

    Loans should theoretically have no interest on them as just repaying the principal after a set period will have increased in "value".

    It might actually get to the point that if the State wants our money the only way they will get it is voluntarily because they will actually be offering some value for money.

    I am personally now using digital currencies as much as possible. The satisfaction when you purchase something and you know the state does not know, can not tax it and basically is totally incapable of extorting money out of you - It feeeeeels goooood real good. Try it!

    Bitcoins are a wolf in sheep's clothing. By the time the state works out what is happening it will all be over. Once the levers of money creation are removed they have NOTHING. Bitcoins may not necessarily the final incarnation of digital currencies but it is truly the birth of a new concept of money.

    The internet will be the enabler of the common man and the downfall of the state it may not look that way just yet with the likes of PRISM but the day is coming.

    Digital currencies can enable the changes in society we need and want as libertarians.