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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Back In The News.

Though Always There.

Is there any part of public life left that is not venal, self serving and downright unpleasantly immoral and dirty?  
There appears there is not. The public outing of the behaviour is very welcome but as with decades of documented sleaze, wanton child abuse and cushy post public service retirement sinecures, nothing ever changes. Well, other than gets worse.

Nobody should profit unfairly from a life paid for by the tax payers. Those entering such high level careers are well rewarded with high salaries, job security and never, ever, any need to be held accountable for the legion of profligate mistakes and utter incompetence. 

The mindset of the career politician and civil servant is "what can I exploit to make me richer and more powerful". What does it take to fund yachts and private jets is their preoccupation. Well, behind the scenes the Bliar grasping philosophy runs at high speed. War, killing and abject failure never gets in the way of the present day culture of greedy self. 

The plotting and networking is more important than any decency or sense of fair play. It's "let them eat cake" on a global scale. Therefore the backlash will be global, too. We se many of the signs, be they in Sweden or Turkey. Still the cretinous idiots at the top of this pyramid of deceit seem oblivious to what's crumbling below. They will one day notice, as they are hauled from the top by their ghastly skins.

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