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Sunday, 9 June 2013

Another Sunday, Another Scandal.

I'm Too Richee For My Shirt......

Is it something in their DNA? These dregs of humanity worm their way into privileged circles and all morph into troughing, fat, smug, utterly cretinous, ugly characters. Nothing is ever enough for them. Their eyes bulge, as do their bloated, expense account girths and tax funded stuffed mouths, with the riches laid out before them, the deference afforded by their brief streetwalking elevation into Westminster.

Of course they are driven by a legion of predecessors, who have paved the way over many decades, to allow the awfulness of Troughminster to flourish into what it is today. This rump of a once noble institution is little more than a cover for the likes of Yeo and the rest of these Brussels poodles, sold out to the Third Reich. 

Millionaire Hague was trotted out this morning to pretend he was pushing the UK line on Syria, when in reality he's just a third level salesman for the European arms sales force. No doubt our Willy is on some kind of commission based bunce, just as is Yeo, skewered back in 2012. Yet all these months later our Tim remains firmly ensconced as chairman of the Climate Change Brainwashing Committee.

Why is it not possible to demand these chancers only have one job as an MP. If they want half a dozen directorships and are so brilliant as to be in huge demand, why not stay out of Westminster? Or is it only by getting into this "club" that enables them to get rich quick? Where would Bliar be today if he'd not got into Parliament, for example. There are a legion of many others, of course.

One thing is for sure, Yeo's smug, unpleasant and rather malodorous character is seemingly a smell required to enter Parliament. After Hague, this morning, we had to suffer a clone of this rat infested place, Liam Byrne.  

This miniature version of Yeo could be the scrapings of somebody's shoes. Remember his "there's no money left" note, left behind after Labours' disastrous 13 years of theft? It really doesn't take long for any good intentions to be left on that well trodden route to hell.

Here's a reminder of the total stench of this den of thieves and charlatans. We are also urged to be less cynical. When those who pretend to decency, act to clean up the place, I might consider a re-think. There again I might be better off beating those pigs, for the guns awaiting their flight overhead.


  1. I had the awful experience of waking up to Hague.
    He is an utterly contemptuous excuse for a human being, whats up with his voice? His polices are straight conservative text book shit, does he have any thoughts of his own?
    Still he saves us taxpayers money by sharing a hotel room with another man, ahh that the reason for the voice, too much cum swallowing.

  2. Bernie in Pipewell