Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Sunday, 30 June 2013

A Day In The Garden, Today.

Have A Wonderful Sunday.

A good day for forgetting the stupidity of erstwhile "leaders" and the sudden dawning of realisation that Afghanistan was a pathetic and so very costly mistake. As written on by OR four years since!


  1. You have a gorgeous garden - I hope you have a lovely day on which to enjoy it.

  2. I was brought up in idyllic settings like that lovely country garden OR, i count myself very fortunate.

    Fast disappearing such a tranquil uniquely British scene, for the faceless ones won't be content until every square foot of our once green and pleasant land is either built on or tarmaced and unsafe to walk alone in so camerad up for your own good.

    Enjoy your lovely garden.



  3. OK, the big question is what goes on the strawberries. Is it single or double cream or is it high quality ice cream? And what type of fizz?

  4. You are all most kind, thank you. Mrs OR raised over £1200 pounds for NGS charities yesterday. Cream and strawberry jam was the cream tea topping of popularity, Demetrius! Sparkling Rose was served for the helpers, after closing!