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Monday, 24 June 2013

A Billion Shades Of Grey.

A Drab World Becoming Ever More So.

The cult of Saint mandela, the hounding of Snowden and other whistle blowers, the economic gloom and political, directionless, global malaise, all conspire to present a very dull existence indeed. It is almost as though the globalisation of everything from sport to dictatorship is part of some deliberate plan to corral the human race.  That is psychologically rather than physically.

Governments are now agents of a world clique, scrabbling for power and superiority for a now non national, Supra State, whereby all intelligence is garnered to build the pens in which to enclose individual thoughts and therefore freedoms. On the one side are the forces of the West, the other Russia and China. Each seeking to subjugate whole swathes of population and utilising underhand, murderous, self interested methods.

That the practices developed against each other during ideological, or perceived ideological, cold war struggles are now as likely turned on internal issues of control. It is very unpleasant indeed. That a handful of brave and wise individuals, comfortable, every bit as much as the goons employed by States  and their dictatorial, corporate and gangster spy masters,on the cyber battlefield,  is a glimmer of hope.

These guys are not traitors in the old fashioned sense of the word. It is globalisation that is the interloper into human affairs. Something that is creating a grey and dull world of socialist dressed but capitally driven, subjugation. A global existence that is slowly mirroring the Soviet Union, Pol Pot's Cambodia and Mao's China. Dissidents such as Solzhenitsyn and now Assange, Snowden and many others, are the one tiny dash of colour left but being sought to be extinguished by bullying and soulless authority. Obummer the head cheerleader, right now. A very scared one at that.

Though I find myself cheering the support of these people, shown by China and Russia, the reality is that their motives are only to deflect the burgeoning power of Western influence, in order to pursue their own. Just another shade of grey where truth and honesty are candles in the wind. One major, final problem for the desire for World Government shines out. The internet and modern communications.

Since those aforementioned tools are available to so many, it is little wonder that the levers of an immoral global State, masquerading as individual Countries, are being frantically pulled. The signals are only acceptable to the powers that be if pulled by themselves. Thus all mavericks, including the flawed, very human Farage, ought to be lauded, Assange fêted and Snowden protected from individuals for whom the killing of innocents is but a playful consequence of this uncontrolled lust, by a few, for power over the many.

In all human activity, from war to prayer, hope to despair, there are and always will be many shades of grey. Actions not easily understood, solutions not always possible. However to make lives and our Planet a better place, the answer is not a world governed by such shades. Or by people incapable of not becoming enmeshed in their own dull greyness. Just look at our political classes to see what I mean.

Look at the dull greyness of this man to illustrate my point. Then ask yourself what he represents. An ideological superstate that is already heavily painted in a thick coat of battleship grey. A colour designed to hide the nastiness, secret service driven and underhand war on us all. That evidence on a daily basis, of malpractice and socialist driven "equality" dogma, that is hurting the whole human race, is being leaked daily. Long may these genuine and courageous individuals survive. 

It is in all our interest, for a more colourful and enjoyable life, to laud whistle blowers. Even if the wounded crooks in power seek to discredit, blacken and brief against, or worse, seek suppression and the death of such people. Here in The UK this arrogance of power is all around us and its head Freds already awash with blood. Not least the NHS management infrastructure placements beloved of political figures. ( Along with resentment at the imposed multi cultural failure).

Today we have the police under scrutiny, yet again. An organisation now solely designed to protect the grey shadows of G8 and Bilderberger meetings. To police the anger of citizens and spy on wheelie bin transgressors. Anything other than help fight the real, deep, grey criminality of the political classes and their friends in corporate and Mafia institutional palaces. Corruption is no longer important. The death of the love of life and colour is what is more significant. Something I am passionate about but fear I may be a generation the last to enjoy, work and fight for..

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  1. Hell Rightie, i can't help but agree with every word, well said.

    I wonder how long the likes of us will have this means of communication allowed, how long till the grey ones use their jackbooted thugs to close down the airing and viewing of such opinions as yours by one means or another.