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Saturday, 4 May 2013


Are Experts So Woefully And frequently Wrong?

Self interested greed is my guess. Hunger for power and/or wealth and status drives so many mistakes in life. Seek to create monolithic, global government and trade, or even just one Continent and EUSSR and the price of failure is magnified.

If we apply this consideration to many aspects of our modern world, the underlying concept holds up remarkably well. Take economics. Interest rates are lauded by the Camoron as something to be hailed. He ignores the fact that to attract working capital and investment, returns on those stakes should be decent and worthwhile. So the idea that ultra low interest rates are a good thing is not always the case. Particularly when the average lender still clings to much higher lending per-centages than they pay investors. 

This foregoing point was demonstrated by the cavalier "Cypriot" style arbitrary hike of BoE rate tracker loans. With the stroke of a greedy pen these were ignored and rates raised to borrowers but reduced for savers. Hence no incentive to save. Yet without the long term health of savers, deficits just increase and stagnation rules.

That's just economics. Look next at the arms trade. Billion dollar fighter jets and nuclear submarines are traded like groceries and essentials, such as energy and water, food and shelter. All of the latter play second fiddle to the big toy mindset of political graspers. Karzai shows no remorse for the huge wealth he is garnering on the backs of a conflict always lost but lucrative to such as he and the drug and arms favoured sons of The CIA self interest.

Then, finally, let me touch on "climate change" and global warming. Often seen as the replacement controlling fear factor employed in the cold war. In that link the "war on terror" is given a similar role but I will stay with "climate". Always the majority are given a certain take on issues designed to coerce acceptance of shibboleths which never hold up under real scrutiny.

In every case it's "the rich what get the pleasure and the poor wots get the blame"! In that context "the poor" aren't just the slave workers of Indian and Asian sweat shops, they are also the well off but badly served tax payers and providers to the engorged teats of the State monster. The "establishment" and their snobbish, dismissive attitudes to those unable to share the dark arts of their gentlemen's' clubs and bars.

Sure my hard earnt but pleasant lifestyle is very nice but it lacks any sense of social success and shared cultural common sense infrastructure. We ought to be another Norway, rich in spirit as well as the money saved and held in reserves, surplus to the excellent stewardship of oil revenues. 

Instead my heavily taxed earnings and tough retirement cash flow needs count for nought, in the failure of decades of squandered income, unfair bias towards majority interest exchanged for mass, gerrymandered, immigration and the ego massaging of minority groups, unnecessary "gay" marriage time wasting and a host of unsatisfactory manipulation and State interference in our lives.

So on this Bank Holiday weekend give thanks for the slap in the face given The Establishment by UKIP. All of us, lefties and righties, should rejoice in the possibility of common sense triumphing over an overwhelming failure of self-interest and appalling State interference in our lives. Anything other than common sense has prevailed for decades to feather a few Bliar like nests. The failure for the majority has and remains a canker on our existence. 

Obscene wealth for those in the know and misery for everybody else, cannot last before something gives. As it did in the French revolution. Unfortunately in today's world it will require a global revolution. UKIP is one small step in that direction. If the EUSSR was to be torn down, like the Berlin wall,  then an even bigger move would be visible! Have a great weekend.

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