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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Who's In Charge Of The Asylum?

The Madness Of Globalisation Posturing.

An Oldrightie manner of observing events is to always follow the money. Thus Syria and the posturing by the EU and the irritability of The Russians, are little more than similar attitudes in differing poses. One thing which unites both parties is a passion to flog arms.

The EU, for God's sake, a disparate bunch of has-beens and bankrupts, need all the diversification they can get to detract from the failings and crumbling edifices, built of the sand of egoistic, pompous greed. Russia craves the old days of perceived global might whilst the Chinese smile inscrutably and bide their time.

All of the parties are, in reality, jockeying for their own advantage. All are covetous of the oil rich Middle East and the wealthy potential friendships and political kudos on offer for backing the "right" side. 

Now given the West's, American and British, recent history for fomenting mayhem and aggression in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, coupled with the EU's yearning for Federally recognised global status, the self interest of all parties settles into a familiar pattern based on eternal power struggle to control the World's resources and peoples.

However in all of this intrigue, secret service machinations and endless conflict, the reality of global dominance remains as elusive and impossible as ever. Even the discredited efforts to make trade the new weapon of war has failed. As with military interventions, so with groceries. Competition, or war, has created monstrous weapons to fuel them. 

Bear in mind both "conflicts" have at their root, money and greed. So weapons of horrendous capability in war are mimicked by similar tactics in global trade. Where space exploration and nuclear energy derivatives,  from military research,  have arisen, so food and drug research has benefited from competition, to produce dominant success. Monsanto and their GM obsession, might easily be compared to  S300 missiles for Assad. A seemingly remote connection, until we consider Common Purpose philosophy.

So, as Baghdad reels from the consequences of regime change, Afghanistan awaits the return of an avenging Taliban, Libya continues its descent into civil war and Africa slowly accepts Chinese influence, the maelstrom of failed foreign policy of, in particular, the West, we can only wait, with bated breath, the inevitable unforeseen consequences. 

One that is, possibly foreseeable, is further mass immigration into The UK. The dumping ground for the world's dispossessed. Hence the need for the headlines today. Boles mad, even lunatic pronouncement, seems quite oblivious to the need for fields and crops, food and water, to sustain life. If we fight for survival over anything, it becomes food and water before oil and guns. 

We already have an EU in hock to Russia for gas energy. Is it to be grain next? What then do we use for bargaining chips, to enhance survival? Welcome to the madhouse of incompetent, pygmy politicians and their asylum.

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