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Sunday, 5 May 2013

Utterly Boring.

So Very Predictable.

Mumble, mumble go the Old Guard and its new recruits all over the place, bonding together to tell us UKIP are just a mild irritant. The dismissive mantra being trotted out is just pathetic. Labour are led by a Wallace and Gromit lookalike, the LibDums by an EUSSR sleeper and the Tories, what remains of them, are led by a worshipper of Tony Bliar.

That none of these real clowns and protectors of the paedophiles of the Establishment and their BBC HQ nonce centre, can see the utter disgust they engender in we, the hard pressed tax payer funders of the, lot of them, is incredible.

The constant drivel spouted by The Establishment is endless. They get a spanking at the ballot box and still they blithely do nothing. The electorate despise The EU monolithic dictatorship, the cosy nature of The BBC den of ghastly and nasty predatory people, the smug snobbery of the Civil Service puppet masters all stick in the throat of we downtrodden and maltreated individuals.

If the UKIP vote continues to offer a home for the "normal" people of the electorate there just may be a glimmer of hope. Sadly, as much as I hope I'm wrong, I'm not holding my breath.


  1. Its the message thats not getting across apparently, in other words not enough of us are taking in the propaganda.

    Not for one moment do they consider that the message might be wrong, or a big lie, or heaven forbid that the people might just have the intelligence to think for themselves, oh no that couldn't possibly be the case could it, twerps.

    They really can't see that more and more people have long bloody last..woken up and realised they, the three sections of the one party state are the problem.

    Amazing isn't it, for all his non smoothness and his pint and a fag routine, that people can see the truth in Farage where they see lies greed dishonour deception and hunger for power in the present cabals.



  2. Lovely comment, Judd, many thanks.