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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

The Price Of Corruption.

Karzai's Blood Money.

Only hours ago, after Sunday's revelations as to the huge wealth donated to Karzai by the CIA arms dealers,      
I posted on the sheer dreadfulness of such people. Today we learn of the deaths of three more British servicemen by that weird bomb called improvised explosive device. I always thought improvisation meant a matter or action done using whatever came to hand in that moment. However it seems the Taliban improvise over centuries!

Of course the word is used as part of the lexicon of propaganda to imply that they are not actually sophisticated bombs, supplied by nefarious, possibly Iranian or Pakistani, intermediaries by the CIA arms dealers and their agents. Oldrightie's Maxim Gun syndrome, whereby underhand dealers supply both sides of any conflict.. One of the reasons Karzai is on the payroll is to ensure maximum profits to the various interested parties are achieved, before the Taliban return to power in 2014. The sums will be eye watering, if only to pay for his protection and hideaway fund post his exile from Afghanistan.

There again with his knowledge of Obama's collusion in all of this he has as much to fear from his palm greasing "friends" as his fellow countrymen, fighting to be free of this nastiness done in our name. However what really stinks is the cost in human tragedy, with the maimed young blighted lives and deaths. Widowed brides and orphaned children, thrown on our political classes' altars to their vanity.

Look at the arrogance on Camoron's pal's face in the picture above. That is an attitude that supping with the devil brings. A, probably y justifiable smugness, that they know so much as to be safe and protected. Sometimes, as with Mussolini, that can be misplaced.

As for "The Boy", his part in perpetuating the myth of "keeping our streets safe", deserves no better consideration. All of our political class and their nasty "public servants", who should be renamed "taskmasters", ably underpinned by nasal, coke head sounding, Milibad minor, are worthy of little more than contempt. If only the mass of British people would wake up and smell not the coffee but the blood on their hands, we might get a change. 

It would be wonderful to mark their connivance in the deaths of 444 British personnel, let alone the horrifically injured, by ignoring their hint of panic over UKIP and actually vote for that Party tomorrow. It would be also a slap in the face of this Global cabal of corrupt business, led by horse meat traders, banker bonus greed troughers and Mafia drug laundering. Trouble is that the decline in education doesn't allow more than celebrity worship brain cell activity in most of the electorate of 2013. Do you think that an accident?


  1. Did we ever think in our wildest dreams we could get another PM as useless as Brown well we did.

  2. Both before and after Snotty, methinks, Anon. There is the Sir Bipolar Sir Humphrey brigade of tossers that regard themselves the backbone of the "Establishment", of course. The ones fuelling the nastiness against UKIP. Part of their EUSSR brief.