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Monday, 13 May 2013

The Meek Will Not Inherit.

The Earth Belongs To The Deceitful.

Huhne and Pryce voluntarily cut short their all expenses paid holiday to return to the lucrative spotlight once the preserve of the Hamiltons. When you are at the pinnacle of our ruling class dung pile shame, remorse or even any semblance of decency are of nought.

You can easily imagine this arrogant turd at a London showroom this very moment, treating himself to a coming home present. Naturally his treats of today will be just a little pick me up prior to cashing in in every direction.

In cahoots with certain insider Government figures from the clubs of Sir Humphrey, Huhne will be salivating over business deals with old friends. His links to the well oiled corruption scams of Government and EU procurement, thousands of tons of concrete will be poured into the foundations of countryside blotting wind turbines. Only the wealthy country playgrounds of the London set in the Cotswolds and parts of South Oxfordshire will be spared the noise, dirt and blighted nature of those useless and pathetic monstrosities.

After an acclimatisation day via the showrooms, Savoy Grills and counting houses, our Huhne will be vetting his many offers of "business" deals. In reality they will be the usual exploitation of political contacts and deals long ago struck for his "retirement". That it was an early one brought about by being caught, rather than owning up, will not detract one jot from the wealth already coined but soon to be swollen to Bliar like levels.

As for his ex Missus, Pryce, what an affectatious way to spell that name, she will face some misogynistic wrath. Unlike the ex chubby hubby, she'll struggle to pay her legal costs. Our Chris will have little difficulty there. well except for his grasping and avaricious nature which sees other peoples' money as his own. Together with an obsessive need to hold tightly to every last penny he feels belongs to him.

Camoron is with Obummer today. Another pair of Huhne like individuals. Under discussion will be yet again, the latest G8 jamboree. The Boy will be desperate to do a "Gordon", whereby he ponces round the stage every bit a "poor player, signifying nothing". Forgive the paraphrasing. Like our Chris, these pair will feel they can get away with anything. So far they have and do.

Just as the recent UKIP ray of sunshine goes behind the cloud of yesterday's news, we get a massive dose of business as usual for those at the top. Very demoralising, isn't it? if only we could do something about it!

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