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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Sweden Burns.

Europe Stocks Up On Firewood.

Some of the kindling thinking here. The Orwellian approach to EU strife is to blame the majority, just, of endemic populations. For the Orwellian nightmare unfolding, brought on by brainwashing, is the order of the day for the EUSSR, wannabe, part of the elite, political operatives, in every now, undemocratic centre of the EU States.

Hardly a day now passes we don't hear of violent anger erupting in the streets of Athens, Lisbon, France, Italy, The UK et al. Always the excuse trotted out is that it is protest against the local attitudes to unemployment and the low economic status of the minority immigrant areas. Parallels are drawn to class the majority as NAZI in sympathy and intolerant of the imported jobless, foisted upon their neighbourhoods.

Never is this leftie dogmatic mantra questioned. Most economic and political social engineering and gerrymandering brought about an immigrant surge fuelled by the inevitably already poor and deprived, from the slum hovels from across the globe. That the destination of their flight from poverty offered only the same deprivation, with the added resentment of their arrival, never occurred to anybody, so it would seem. 

Maybe it did. Maybe the present eruption and conflagration was desired by those who sought a bonfire of old cultures and democratic values. After all a Common Purpose, global regime cannot possibly function as a democracy, only as a dictatorship. In this sense it can be argued The EUSSR is the blueprint and testing ground for the operation, to establish such a world order. 

Yet the tribal and ghastly events unfolding in the Middle East, on the streets of Europe and the soon to be established, draconian, Taliban Regime in Afghanistan, one allied to the nuclear button fingers in neighbouring Pakistan, show how our Common Purpose, would be world rulers, have lost a plot which was never realistic. It always was and remains, with mounting evidence, a flawed and ridiculous notion. 

Here is one of many examples of the failure. Remember the law of unintended consequences? How ironic is this from three years back? It's still happening, right now. Will the new, unemployed immigrants support the elderly left behind? I doubt it. They more likely will torch them out of their homes, Rwandan style. Just as is now threatening Sweden.

A notion designed to streamline the luxurious life style lusted after by an untouchable hierarchy , with the power of life and death at their fingertips. Only the vastness of existence stands in their way. Every calculated bit of arson employed in various corners of their would be empire, such as Europe and The Middle East, only lights up those fires which were not planned and now rage out of control.

If this unrest is part of some Machiavellian plan, it sure is failing. The goons round the table just cannot agree on anything sensible. They decide to sanction lucrative arms deals to Syria only to face a powerful weaponry promise of aid to Assad by Russia. A further effort to bring about mass flight and refugee displacement. Never mind, they can all be all de-camped to Europe. 

The Swedish Authorities shackle their police officers from intervening in the blazing infernos on their streets, to appease their enforced immigrant policies, never stopping to think what happens when those flames ignite, eventually, the fear and anger of those being trodden under by this minority. If it is the uprising of the many millions of EU downtrodden and resentful Europeans they seek, in order to establish martial law, then their ignorant stupidity is even worse than we thought.

All we shall witness is a Continent wide mass uprising never seen on such a scale. The French and Russian revolutions will pale before what is to be set ablaze. If this eventually comes about, probably in the next 50 years or so, it will be because of The EUSSR and Common Purpose desire to suppress majority desire in favour of enforced minority control. 

These duped immigrants target we resentful but innocent victims of these policies. Every bit as innocent as those who use our homes, cars and lives as the target for their own tribal affinities and cultural resentment and hatred. At the heart of all this horrific state of affairs is the confidence trickery employed. 

Whether Europe is a planned experiment or not, it's existence is now just tinder, just dried brushwood, already glowing with the embers of ever greater and more encroaching flames. Obama and his cronies seek to pour even more fuel on the fires, with poorly disguised, meddling and bullying interference. What a pathetic lack of understanding as to the dangerous scenario now in place throughout The EUSSR.

If I were Obummer, I'd look to my own backyard bonfires before taking any more liability for fire fighting on board. The racist and immigrant issues raging in Europe are every bit as much an issue, possibly even greater, for The USA than Europe. Tribal conflict usually gets resolved by creating separate states and protected borders. Korea being a good example. The Common Purpose model is to have no such National and defined lands. Except by decree, such as Palestine. 

How sad their ambition is not realised as fruitless, pointless and impossible. Human nature is so badly flawed, living in overcrowded, enforced bonhomie and loving peace is just not possible. The basic instinct for survival is competitive. We have to compete for limited resources, jobs, luxuries and so forth. Things just not sufficient to go round for everybody. So be it underhand, nasty and subversive manipulation or out and out hand to hand combat, competition rules, OK?

Thus we see the violence in our streets, the hatred and envy of forced migration, lash out in frustrated anger that the mansions belonging to those sponsors of disillusionment were not to be made available as promised, if they moved their sad and deprived lives to other locations. 

Once the residents of these crooked and smug purveyors of unobtainable dreams are seen for what they are by the rest of us, then the infighting might be less frequent, in a united desire to be rid of those really to blame for the unholy mess that is the EUSSR. Take away their ill gotten gains, redistribute their stolen and embezzled wealth and let natural, not nepotistic clubbing, power reign, maybe harmony could be restored. It's quite a battle to be fought. Preferably at the ballot box! One not rigged.

One thing is certain, it's bound to get worse before it gets better. Assuming it ever can.

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  1. Western dreams of multi-culturalism, are shattered by the reality of the East.