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Sunday, 26 May 2013

Same Old, Same Old.....


The people's reaction to Politicians.

This excellent post said much of that which I was thinking to post this morning. The dreadful butchery of racist, black savages, this last Wednesday, has provoked justifiable outrage amongst the endemic, law abiding citizenry. However any effort to assuage this outcry, by those mostly to  blame for the disastrous consequences of social and racial engineering, is pitiful.

Like most modern, career political figures of the past 40 years, Theresa May is as flounderingly useless as ever the Labour Home Secretaries were. In order to get anywhere near a solution to the multi-cultural disaster, wrought throughout Northern Europe, it has has to be addressed for the racial/tribal matter it is. Unfortunately, like banks too big to fail, the colossal immigration volume has left the perpetrators bereft of solutions.

The UK and much of Europe is now poised for racial, or as I prefer to "label" the issue, tribalism, conflict and blood-letting. All of it squarely down to the weak and greedy self-interest of Common Purpose, world government, ambitions, which border on abject lunacy.

The only hope we can have is that in the unrest and violence growing, some if not all, of the idiots behind it, get their just desserts. We all know who they are. Those already seeking further curtailment of civil liberties to hold down the ever widening lid on Pandora's box. The political, gangster and corporate back scratchers of their own pock marked ideals.

There will be, has to be, a terrible outcome to the state we have been driven to. There will be no winners in this, just as there are not in The Balkan stalemate. Again one enforced on endemic populations for selfish ends. A template our lot chose to ignore on our own doorsteps. Not only ignore but seek to make even larger.


  1. There will be, has to be, a terrible outcome to the state we have been driven to.

    I wonder. We're so compliant as a nation.

  2. By being so compliant are we not complicit in the atrocities perpetrated, James?