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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Parting Would Be Sweet.

And No Sorrow.

As last  some common sense to counter Common Purpose. In the case of the latter, there's nothing "common" about the desire for World Government controlled by a select ruling class. A class now made up of drug barons, corrupt politicians, bankers and the rest of the paraphernalia such a "purpose" demands.

That senior figures are now seeing the advantages many of us have spoken tirelessly of for years, is rewarding. UKIP really has rattled the Establishment and we can but hope the momentum grows and the ghastly individuals seeking to dominate the rest of us are relegated to history.

It will never be easy when the forces lined up to push the will of others down the throats of the rest are so secretive and powerful. However this smug arrogant membership of a purported elite may yet be their undoing. That and their incompetence in being unable to appreciate the huge and possibly impossible task of total control, they so desperately long for.

Still, whatever the future holds we can take comfort from Camoron's weak and non directional instincts  His sheltered background and frail character are to the advantage of those of us wishing for leadership with honesty, direction with purpose, government by common sense.  Interesting times indeed. 

Of most interest is how we would use the money saved by leaving the EU failed "experiment". I suggest our avoidance of the common currency gives ample evidence of the advantages of quitting entirely. Not just the painful net contributions but the freedom to set our own regulations and tailor our governance to our needs and not those of 26 other disparate States and the desire to expand those further.

We would also be free to save on our NHS world service, apply greater home grown labour to our economy and determine a demographic model based on predictable and manageable understanding of population growth. We could also reduce our need for more and more housing, hospital and educational demands. This icon of stupid government, demanding "growth", when they really want the ever burgeoning growth of The State, to further their own "Common Purpose".

Were we to follow the path described, real growth in trade and wealth would follow and percolate through the Country. Not unlike the examples we have from Scandinavia and in particular Norway. What's not to like?

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