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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Obummer Back On The Love In.

Camoron And Chum.

These two border on creepy. Obummer seems to thing "Europe" is already a United States and we, the UK population, little more than Confederate opposition. His, Obummer's, comments that out place in The EUSSR is proof of our global influence must have been written by some rubbish writer in Whitehall.

All this President cares about is preening. he has no interest in anything outside of The Muslim world and shows scant regard for foreign affairs which he considers beneath him. One thing these megalomaniacs share is a certainty in their own greatness. One which allows them to make promises such as an EU referendum being a "cast iron" guarantee and his pals "closure of Guantanamo Bay".

As with all of these matters of  modern State considerations, we are but an irritant to the intrigue and carryings on behind very tightly guarded, closed doors.  Unfortunately our lack of knowledge, of the games people play, makes us very vulnerable. One thing is for ever certain, nothing these people do really benefits most of us. It is all for those in power and any harm which befalls so many of us but collateral damage.

Obummer needs Europe to pay for NATO. That they are even more destitute than his USA passes him by. After all  nobody has to be particularly bright to front the power brokers behind the scenes. it does seem only one group of passionate freedom fighters, bent on self governance and National unity for real, not selfish greed, are The Taliban. I suspect that's why "they" don't leave them alone, fearful we might all learn from them! 

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