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Thursday, 9 May 2013

Note The Soviet Bill Today.

Child Care Or State Offloading?

The pretend spats in Parliament, hides the reality. The all powerful State wants control of our children's' minds but not the actual expense of rearing new borns from cradle to grave. The post war drive towards comprehensive schooling was the beginning of the road to the destruction of family responsibility for not only infant care but also elderly needs.

Whilst the incoming cultural influx is happily funded to provide cohesive family traditional structures, the endemic population has been mugged into a selfish and grasping greed for money and the subsequent contribution to the State in taxes and largesse.

It is ironic how this has now produced an NHS unable to cope with dysfunctional and broken family life, a population unable to offer full employment and a crisis in every corner of our lives. It is possible this mayhem is bordering on planned. My feeling is that it is the unintended consequences of an incompetent but pervasive State control, perceived, necessity.

We will only ever improve our lot with less Government, never more. As for childcare, the whole idea of suckling infants parked in commercial farms, under the whim of strangers, is horrendous. Once upon a time "latch key kids" were seen as disadvantaged and very badly done by. They were. Yet the very principle has been turned into an industry. 

Parents go out to work then fund child care out of already taxed income. The day care and nursery centres then pay business taxes and employee taxes. On it goes, leading to complex issues of carer suitability and another potential avenue for paedophiles to diversify into. 

It is a typical socialist agenda. One where "arbeit macht frei" but only for the fortunate State beneficiaries. It is a mess and one wholly of the political classes making. As with the old State industries, railways and utilities, nice idea, pathetic implementation and Union owned workforces. What a mess. However Truss was correct today in laying the main proportion of blame on the Labour party's doorstep. As ever.

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