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Thursday, 2 May 2013

No Night-time Finger Biting.

Civil Servants No Longer Do Evening Work.

Quietly and despite protest from the voters and tax payers, the rarely can be bothered workforce of unionised Government Offices will soon never do election counts out of "office hours".

So the dull, boring mission creep to an unelected German run EUSSR will get ever more bold. Not least when a recalcitrant UK people might show some sense and vote UKIP! I'm sure all the Establishment underhand efforts to ensure little change in the results to be counted sometime after 11 o'clock in the morning. 

That is after late arrivals, coffee breaks and allowance-claim submissions, since any desire for some information the stupid saps like you and me might wish for are of no interest. Only our tax extracted unwilling largesse is of interest to our Unison brethren. 

So I'll sign off for awhile, until probably late afternoon when the odd result might appear. It will be that late whilst the "postal" votes are "located",  if somebody in the mainstream need a boost and have the right contacts, such as union members.

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