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Saturday, 18 May 2013

Manipulation Gets Ever Larger.

Despite Nodding Dog Political Announcements.

Our ever failing political class continue to ride roughshod over us all. Gagging orders abound everywhere but not one politician genuinely seeks to stop them. Camoron's pal, rhymes with a crude Anglo Saxon word, the Health Secretary, mumbles about banning contract clauses of this ilk but in reality the secrecy and cover up goes on.

Just this morning State collusion and complicity with Russian interests have been writ large over the killing of  Litvinenko but this "security interest" is happily nodded through for reasons the little people are not to be bothered with. The problem with these mindsets is we have to always pick up the enormous bills these nasty actions cost. I wonder why Putin, overnight, dropped his antipathy to the Cypriot bank deposit theft? Probably another one of those shady deals The State now considers OK.

Despite months of scandalous details of  abuse of power by creatures such as Nicholson our wimp and ineffective puppet Parliament of the EU Dictators, fails dismally to do anything. Their strings well and truly in the hands of more powerful and undemocratic forces. Whenever a brief exposure threatens to boil over into public anger, it is stifled at birth. As Nicholson's unaccountability demonstrates.

I suspect, as with Labours' mass immigration policy, those in any senior office these days have authority to punish significantly staff not toeing the line. As with Dr David Kelly by Bliar and his hatchet man Campbell.  I feel sadly that the day is not far off when Orwell's prophesies of re-education Ministries of Truth become established throughout The EUSSR.

I doubt "Cast Iron" Davy will have much interest in other than backing the secretive measures afoot. Not least colluding in Farage's hounding by Scottish Nazis this past day gone. The glee felt by the BBC shows us where we have got to. Any threat to the "EU Establishment" is regarded as worthy of such actions. 

Were an EU Commissioner to have received that violent and nasty attack it would have been reported in an exactly opposed and sympathetic manner. Litvinenko's terrible death was also possibly connected to the Cypriot bank robbery. Part of the web of intrigue spun by the scary world we endure. 

Litvinenko's killing is being kept in the public eye by his widow. She must be a very brave lady, because her efforts to expose her husband's murder is not a safe set of actions. Not least when the Establishments' "In the National Interest of security" chilling and catch all mantra is employed to excuse murder sanctioned by the very top echelons of Dictators. That includes UK Ministers and Prime Ministers. Bliar and Camoron are indeed two cheeks of a very ugly arse. As are Obummer and KGB Chief, Putin. 

I imagine the real reason for pulling any further probe into the Russian's death is because it may well, probably was, carried out by people much closer to home than Moscow. More likely by a regular Thames bather in muddy waters! Applauded, no doubt, by a macho moment for Camoron at a briefing love in.


  1. Orwell based the Ministry of Truth on the BBC.

  2. Oh how apt is that picture. All that is missing is the toothbrush moustache.