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Thursday, 23 May 2013

Keeping Our Streets Safe?

Anything But Decent Common Sense.

The horrific murder in Woolwich proves the senseless inability of politicians and the liberal, bleeding heart, lefties to understand how deterrence is a right of society to expect. To deter is what lawmaking should be about. Yet petty rules and regulations, watered down by overwhelming, stifling, self interested bureaucracy, do the exact opposite of "learning lessons".

When we go to the link beneath the picture we read of that horrendous crime going back decades, on British streets. The response of Government was to pussyfoot about and seek rapprochement for political and selfish gain. Adams and McGuinness became Government paid Officials and in a sick, ironic twist, McGuinness was charged with having an education brief.

So on that form we can expect, ably abetted by clamour from the UK hating BBC crowd, these black, uncivilised, cretinous apes, from the dregs of what passes for humanity, to ere long become Councillors and even MPs. Our politically correct nightmare vilifies what  was  once passed as and considered decent. Christian and Biblical teaching  is labelled with nonsensical and hateful descriptions whilst the Chatterati pay homage to the misogynistic brutality of Islam.

There is in life a simple truth. People are either nasty, uncivilised and brutal creatures, or decent, honest, intelligent, civilised members of a planetary existence, worthy of joy. Unfortunately, without discipline and strict punishment for evil crimes and horrific acts against others, we have no chance of the good defeating the evil and the mad.

The left claim we are all the same. The disgraceful BBC reporting of the butchery on our "safe streets", in which rapid excuses for this behaviour could be even mentioned, was part of the very acts carried out. Like The IRA appeasement, nothing was exchanged to atone for the atrocities.  Only the gurning grin of Bliar, basking in the glory paved way for by others, was the headline.

Since the advent of socialist dogma, begun to be forced upon us in the early sixties, the decline of values and abrogation of personal responsibility, has plagued our journey to Sodom and Gomorrah. Look around at what "they" have created. No capital punishment, rubbish education, mass immigration of cultures, hell bent on slaughtering us all who loved this Christian based nation.  Where in this abhorrent creation of the present day are any advantages over that which went before?

Trailer trash and moronic behaviour dominate. Islamic creed gnaws at our fabric and rapes, with impunity bar the odd gesture, our children. All the time these crimes against humanity are brushed aside by the political vote riggers and war mongers. Racism and bigotry is spat at those who cry in anguish as to what we have become. There is no will to assuage the crippling anger felt by so many and suppressed by a small minority who wield immense power beyond their number.

That collective anger, alluded to by this black monster, is ironically allowed free expression by his ilk but denied the rest of us. It's not that beloved jargon of positive discrimination we suffer under, it is the reality of positive racism against fair skinned and fair minded people, which is so hateful to bear. 

The "woe is he or they" to be driven to such monstrous brutality, drawn from the tribal and bestial instincts of the genocidal gene of the African tribal cultures, was very much to the fore in the Paedophile riddled BBC reporting. More anguish and sorrow was shown for these killers than the poor victim, his family and those of us abhorred by this "keeping our streets safe" failure.

As for the Prime Minister. Weak, pathetic, insincere and unapologetic for his and the political classes abject uselessness to protect this poor soldier and the rest of us. The massive and draining burden of the race industry, spawned from the lack of border control and gerrymandering, egotistical influence of that Orwellian EUSSR State, is now an endemic cancer on our future and our present. 

A construct hell bent on the complete annihilation of the white majorities throughout Europe. Naturally the only survivors of this power grabbing will be those who implement it. Presumably the Nazi, Aryan, centre core, will believe themselves safe from their race engineering programmes. 

More likely they will become, as this poor soldier yesterday, collateral damage, in the race wars about to boil over, thanks to the terrible failures of post war, Western weakness. Certainly their stupid nastiness towards their own race will, not end well for anybody, will it? The signs are not good, not good at all. An Islamic led pogrom, imitating the Nazi attacks on the Jewish people, is the desire of these fanatics. Our political establishment seemingly comfortable to facilitate that future.


  1. What is there to be said, OR, other than 'right on'.

    Thank you once again for your incisive comments - you have a wonderful blog and an equally powerful way with words.A storm is coming soon, a storm that will engulf us all and these abominations will be exposed and swept away.

    In hoc signo vinces.


  2. What about the totally corrupt British state with regards to the Birmingham 6?
    A 75 year secrecy injunction was slapped on it.
    The UK establishment is/was/always will be a bunch of lying murderers.