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Monday, 20 May 2013

Intended Or Unintended Consequences?

Either Way Is Ruinous.

Our multi-millionaire, super rich Socialist with dubious morals and connections, decided to bless us with his latest thoughts on actions past. Love of the BBC's Kiddyfiddler regime, Lord Pete, decided to mention how they sent, via luxury travel and five star accommodation, vote getters world wide. No wonder the Civil Servants loved Labour so much.

Now this "no expense spared" exercise was to draft in voters for the long, Union bullying representative, decline of their electorate desertions. So desperate for power for its own sake, none of this cretinous, treacherous crowd gave one jot for the rest of us, working class or middle class alike. Their plan, to swell beyond measure their own core vote, was never expected to have the consequences, only now becoming apparent, that the alienation of the endemic citizenry would become even more dramatic. 

As the NHS creaks under the imported pressure, education groans under the ideology that brought the mass influx that now crowds out opportunity and youth unemployment staggers under the loss of work and resources to provide it, our Mandy blurts out the unedifying truth that it was all about self interest and the lust for power at any price but there own cost.

Now we are unable to offer a good life to deserving refugees and asylum seeking has been made, by Labour, a dirty cause. Resentment, not racism, rules the day. Labour, despite being the driving force behind the dreadful consequences, are finding their fingerprints are seen by everybody all over everything we have lost and the awfulness we have to endure. 

To that end Milibad, supported by Mad Mandy are struggling to convince us all it's only a blip. No problem for the upper echelons of London high life, clubs and country estates such as the several owned by the Bliars.   
The rank hypocrisy beggars belief. Yet despite the manifest understanding of Labours' disastrous philosophy and centre ground determination seen as but an illusory fa├žade, Camoron fancies the same unedifying direction.

Gay marriage, adhesive EUSSR necessity and policy so at odds with democratic will, Cleggy and his mate cling to the same mistakes now rejected by those responsible for previous gross errors of judgement.. Only the slow awakening of reality, helped by UKIP's dogged efforts, has any sense or reality to it. It is an awakening and a very much unintended consequence of pandering to disparate minority groups, that has the political class floundering for a credible response.

What we will get, of course, will be a closing of ranks against not just Farage and UKIP but all of us.  Already, as witnessed by the orchestrated Nazi style attack in Scotland, when "they" are nervous, anything goes. I shudder as to where we are headed. That is unless the same burst of honesty over the mass immigration stupidity transfers to other abject, dismal consequences of inadequates in power. You can choose your favourite, God knows there are plenty to choose from. 

My particular choice of glaring unpleasantness of the tripartite Parliament was the expenses scandal. That's now quietly back on, behind the scenes, of course.