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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Has Been.

Always Was!

Cuckold chancer and bag carrier to this cretinous traitor didn't lose sleep over his secretly held knowledge that our population's overwhelming surge was deliberately engineered by his pals and himself. It would be nice to have him paraded in the stocks to explain how come the very fabric of our infrastructure is torn to ribbons and fluttering in the breeze.

Like all of the ruling establishment, has-been cuckolds and all, our Al gets to bask in comfort and lucrative TV fees from the tax payer funded paedo club, the BBC. Cosy reviews of his book launch are but par for the course for those in the chosen set of leftie UK demolition experts, such as this Marxist clown.

Since their life style is funded very adequately from their wrecking sprees in power the consequences of their behaviour not only goes unpunished but propels them into circa 400 quid a day House of Lording it over us all, more often than not.

Like The Kinnocks, Pie Eaters and the rest, their destruction of our society, NHS and welfare system doesn't impact on their cushy hypocritical lives. Not for them any guilt or shame at the terrible price to be paid for mass immigration.This for example. You will note the hectoring "it's all our fault", not the real culprits behind these dreadful statistics.

Well, just bear this in mind. Did you and I directly influence, as the powers that be did, any of the following?
War in Iraq and Afghanistan; mass immigration; nuclear testing and weapons research; globalisation; factory farming; banking fraud; economic meltdowns; drug baron alliances; climate change, global warming scam; EUSSR nightmare.

The list is endless and sobering. Yet the real horror is how few of these people, really guilty in destroying the Planet, get off Scott free. I guess with the propaganda arm of the BBC it is little wonder we get duped so easily. Still doesn't make it better, though!

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  1. Alan Johnson = traitor and useless tosser. RIP my England.