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Friday, 10 May 2013

Creeping Back.

The Nonsensical Propaganda Rolls On.

The cheerleaders of The BBC continue their pathetic agenda of promoting anything which might give us anxiety. Not their nasty, hidden peddlers of paedophilia practitioners though. No, they love to embrace, without sensible debate, anything remotely resembling scientific evidence of man's habit of fouling their own nests.

The BBC are naturally deemed, by themselves, to be above all that. In the same manner they bring us the media pack at various locations and describe them as such, without any irony that they are every bit as much a part of those very scrums! In the climate change arena their contribution in expensive jaunts around the globe and energy consumption on a massive scale, are all conveniently put to one side.

Again this habit is also used to pretend the Stuart Hall and other Savile related nastiness is nothing to do with they. Well in the spirit of fairness and sensible consideration I bring you this rebuttal of their stupid nonsense. A polar bear style answer to the shock horror. By polar bear, I mean the myth they are dying out when in fact they're still doing just fine it seems!

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