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Monday, 27 May 2013

Can We Guess Where The Future Lies?

Look To The Past.

It is impossible to determine where the human race is headed and even more difficult to know how The UK will turn out in 50 years from now. Nevertheless if we consider the dreadful state we in the UK and for that matter, throughout Europe, are now in, it is hard to see anything but bad outcomes.

The mass immigration, engineered to dilute endemic and often rebellious national culture, is so devastatingly huge, can it ever return to that which worked so much better? Global ambition has failed spectacularly but whilst the likes of Lagarde and Bliar, Sarkozy and the rest continue to enjoy the spoils of their corrupt embezzlement, not only of tax revenues but morality itself, I see little hope of a world in a better place 50 years hence.

That's not to say I consider life and happiness to be lost but that its extent will continue to be reduced. It's a consequence of that unholy alliance between the left and corporate greed. Power for its own sake, the means justify the ends. Trouble is once the likes of The Kinnocks get their noses in the trough, any idea of concern for the ordinary citizen, is swept away.

That does, of course, run deeply through the political establishment of the day. In a week when our "safely kept streets" are witness to the horror and savage butchery of Drummer Lee Rigby, the sight of Camoron lazing over champagne and canap├ęs doesn't look good, one jot. Sure one can rejoice he's seemingly taking a break, since he's not therefore plotting away in the "office". 

However, do we really need those holiday snaps rubbing our noses  in the mire he and his political friends have wrought over these past thirty years? I think not. Still, perhaps the streets of San Antonio and Ibiza are safer than those in Blighty, these days. Albeit under the EU yolk, they will be very much poorer than when I was last there.

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