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Thursday, 30 May 2013

By Stealth.

Quietly Robbed.

As imposed EUSSR austerity bites, it's only the poor infantry who suffer. How in all that's holy can this be justified or remotely sensible. If we spent a fraction of this borrowed and ever increasing addition to our UK deficit reduction, on extracting our liabilities from this blatantly criminal and corrupt, cretinous bureaucracy of piss poor and failed idiots, we would be, for once, well served.

On and on goes the fall out from an organisation hell bent on an Orwellian dictatorship. The raging resentment, blazing towns and cities matter not one jot to the core of an EU cadre of spoilt, expensive and untouchable, so far, moronic "friends".

Osborne, with the blessing of his chum, Camoron, quietly hands over ever more billions. The stealthy swag effortlessly full of Camoron's despicable untruths, with regard to his "budget" refusal of just a few weeks ago.  The blaze of publicity over his "deal" now peed on and extinguished for the candle stub it always was. With every snuffed little flame goes one more light of freedom.

Not content with robbing the Cypriot depositors, now this budget increase is nodded through and is every bit the theft of that in Cyprus. As with all bureaucratic expenditure, it's just not considered as to how this ill gotten wealth is distributed. Their incredulous belief that it's a never ending pit of money, regardless of the evidence of failure, is just awesome in its stupidity.

Even more stupendously hard to understand is how, every second of every day, they get away with this blatant theft. Just look at this monthly trousered beneficence you and I suffer to pay, " Commissioner's basic monthly salaries are fixed at 112.5% of the top civil service grade. This works out at €19,909.89. The President is paid at 138% (€24,422.80), Vice-Presidents at 125% (€22,122.10)[ and the High Representative at 130% €23,006.98. There are further allowances on top of this figure.", source.

Note that last sentence. Those "further allowances" are their slush funds and part of accounts which have never been audited. As people starve, jobs disappear, streets blaze with enforced, multicultural Balkan style revolt and positive racist discrimination, naturally  all yours and my fault, the instigators of this laugh all the way to their luxury yachts. 

How much longer must we wait, before the stark reality of this dismal EUSSR collapse, hits home to those playing the violin together? Not one but a plethora of Nero toga wearers. The rest of us are in our Hessian rags, fleeing the inferno below. 

Obummer preaches from his exalted, lofty throne that The UK must not leave this Eurasian sector of a global governing hierarchy. Tell you what, you illegal immigrant plant, we have enough whining from those we have had imposed on our once proud lands, without you chipping in.

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